Has Michael Vick played his last game as an Eagle?

Michael Vick tried to battle through a hamstring injury when his team needed him most; consequently, his career in Philadelphia may be over.

This past Sunday Michael Vick decided to give it a go with a putrid 1-6 New York Giants team coming into Lincoln Financial Field. Vick lasted just over a quarter of the football game. He pulled up on his hamstring once again after scrambling to his left towards the New York sideline. It was easy to see he wasn’t himself. Coach Chip Kelly had no choice but to pull Vick from the game. Vick sat on the bench with a towel pulled over his head. He blocked out the rest of the world as he sat there in disgust. The frustration on his face was very noticeable. His career must have flashed before his eyes. Vick seemed perturbed, but who could blame him? Any average football fan could tell you Vick is injury prone, including Vick himself.

The quarterback has only lasted a full seasons length (sixteen games) once in his career. With his style of play it is a challenge to stay healthy. If you add up the quarters, Michael Vick has missed three football games so far this year. After the Oakland game next Sunday (4:05 Fox), Vick will have missed four total games heading into Green Bay the following week. Figuring Vick will need another four weeks or so to recover from his injury, he may not be able to return until week 14 or 15. At that point in the season, what would be the purpose of running him out there?

Kelly won’t start Vick again until he is sure the qb is fully healthy. Rushing him back is an experiment which the Eagles have tried one too many times. If Vick can recover quickly I think there’s a good shot we see him again, but now that he caught the injury bug his season could very well be over. I, personally, don’t believe Vick healing quickly is possible.

The Eagles need to find stability at the quarterback position. They need a guy who can stay healthy and perform at a consistent level. Vick had his chance this year to prove he can still be a productive player in this league. He came out strong the first two weeks as he showed great poise at the quarterback position; unfortunately, he has been inconsistent since. Vick’s Eagles career will end if two or more games are lost when he is out with his injury. If the team drops to seven or eight losses the season will be over. Assuming the thirty-three year old Vick won’t be back next year, you have to let the young guns play. The future of the franchise is more important than the loyalty to a player; therefore, if Foles or Barkley can perform at a high level and compete, they could very well win the job for the rest of the year.

I could see Michael Vick getting a job next year in a desperate city. There are a number of teams who need quarterbacks. Those cities include: Jacksonville, Cleveland, Tennessee, Houston, Minnesota, Arizona, Tampa Bay, and St. Louis. The only problem is the 2014 NFL draft is stocked with quarterbacks. Since many of these teams will try to draft their next franchise quarterback, Vick may not have many options if any at all.

It would be nice to see Michael Vick give it one last go on a football field. He is one of the most electrifying players of all-time. Vick deserves another shot somewhere, just not in midnight green.

2 thoughts on “Has Michael Vick played his last game as an Eagle?

  1. Vick sucks and anyone that knows football knows that he was NEVER one of the most electrifying QB’s all he was was a MAJOR disappointment and majorly overrated because he was the great black hope. Here we are again with the next group of black QB’s and as usual we aren’t seeing much promise compared to their white counterparts but they will keep trying to cram them down everyone’s throats.


    • I agree he was NEVER an electrifying quarterback, but he was ALWAYS one of the most exciting players around the league. Prototypical pocket passers win Super Bowls. These college style qbs will always find it difficult to stay healthy; RGIII is already banged up again.


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