The 76ers have the right captain for the ship



  It took forever for the 76ers to fill their coaching vacancy this past offseason; however, the wait was well worth it.

  Brett Brown was rumored to be hired by the Sixers on draft night, but the organization shutdown the rumors right away. It was right around mid- August when Brown was officially announced as the Sixers new head coach. It has been 30 years since the 76ers have won an NBA championship; the fans and the city deserve another title, and Brett Brown has the demeanor to deliver one.

“If I was going to leave a situation like San Antonio, it better be for the right one,” Brown said. “It’s a privilege to be here.”

  In a rebuilding year where the 76ers aren’t expected to make much noise, the team has played surprisingly well.

 As most fans expect the team to “tank” the season, Brown is doing everything in his power to teach his team good fundamental basketball. The team is showing true hustle and heart. They’re playing unselfish basketball which is the greatest thing to watch. Brown has them believing in each other and believing in the team. He preaches team basketball much like the Spurs do. 

Brown was an assistant coach and the director of player development for the San Antonio Spurs for all four of their NBA titles. He played for coach Rick Pitino for four years at Boston Univeristy, and was the understudy to Gregg Popovich who is considered the best coach in the NBA. I’m sure Brown has done his fair share of studying his teachers.  He has basketball imbedded on his brain.

 Brown is going to be something special and the Sixers organization is lucky to have him. Philadelphia is a great basketball town. We are a city that loves overachievers, and Brown has the team doing just that. He has the 76ers exceeding expectations which is extremely fun to watch. Even if you want this team to lose, you have to be excited about the way they’ve been playing. Brown has a special basketball background and is the perfect man for this job. He will return the 76ers to the promise land; consequently, he will have to be patient in doing so.

“Together We Build”


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