If there’s one thing last night’s Super Bowl XLVIII taught us, it’s that defense wins championships. It always had, and it always will.

With a new age of NFL football, offense gets all the hype because of the staggering numbers put up year after year. Even though offense puts asses in the seats, defense wins games when it’s all said and done.

We seen the result of this last night, as it was clear Denver was unprepared and shook by what Seattle had brought to the table. Seattle is a physical team. Seattle’s defense is the most intimidating defense in all of football. It’s no coincidence that they flat-out embarrassed and dominated the Denver Broncos last night. Denver went into the big game as the number one rated NFL offense, they left reminding us of the 1998 Philadelphia Eagles led by Bobby Hoying. Pathetic.

7 out of 10 times a great defense will defeat a great offense. A high-flying offense is awesome, but you need a defense that can keep you in ball games, and sometimes, win you ball games. Overall, Seattle was a more complete team than Denver. The Seahawks defense made big plays and forced key turnovers in early and late stages of their games all season.

That is exactly how the Eagles need to model their defense.

The Eagles are one of the highest flying offenses in all of football (2nd in total offense). We’ve all seen them emerge this season into a playoff team with eye-popping numbers and performances throughout the year; however, the defense wasn’t a strong suit until the middle of the season. But even after the defense found an identity, the identity they found was ‘bend-but-don’t-break.’ It is very difficult to survive in the NFL with this kind of mindset. The players on this Eagles defense played above expectations. They kept the offense in games quite a few times this year when the offense struggled. The biggest problem they had been consistency. Top NFL defenses are consistent week after week. It’s extremely tough for NFL offenses to be flawless each week, so when the defense can help out by keeping their team in the game it means a lot. The pressure to score is off because the faith is there for a stop.

The top five defenses of 2013: Seattle, Carolina, Cincinnati, New Orleans, San Francisco.
Each of these five teams made the playoffs. 4 out of 5 played in the NFL Divisional round.
Although the top five offenses (DEN,PHI,GB,NO,SD.) made the playoffs in 2013, only 2 out of 5 teams played in the divisional round. No coincidence.

The Philadelphia Eagles understand more than anybody that they need to solidify their defense for the upcoming season. They know it can take a few years to build a defense, especially one of Seattle’s caliber. They understand they need safeties, corners, an edge-pass-rusher, a nose-tackle, and more depth all around on the defensive side of the ball. Howie Roseman is smart enough to understand his team’s needs. 80% of the Eagles 2014 draft picks should be on the defensive side. It is up to the Eagles to make the right moves moving forward. Every move won’t be right, but let’s hope the majority of them are.

The Eagles were the 29th ranked defense this past season. Aiming for a top 15 spot should be the next goal for the defense. Hopefully, Howie had his notepad out last night.

Let the offseason officially begin…

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