Embiid today?  Imbibe tomorrow …

By now you know, I am a big fan of the website NBAdraft.net.  This is mostly because I am a big fan of comparisons.  Metaphors, similes, analogies, I love it ALL!  Try this one on for size: Dr. J is to MJ as Tim Duncan is to Joel Embiid.  A projection? Yes.  A prediction? Yes.  But, is that not what we do here?  Is that not what sports in general is pretty much ALL ABOUT nowadays?  Oh, so you think I am a quack with my Doc to Mike comparison.  Rather, you are just one of those “basketball starts and ends with Air Jordan” type of people.  If so, please do yourself a favor, watch NBA TV’s “The Doctor”, and educate yourself.

NBAdraft.net likens Embiid’s skillset to that of the Big Fundamental, Tim Duncan and the Dream, Hakeem Olajuwon.  That high praise creates quite lofty expectations.  We’re talking about two hall of fame players here.  These guys both won multiple world championships.  Is that not why they play the game though?  (Insert the most famous Herman Edward quote of all-time right here, right now!)

Akeem and Timmy are both winners.  Players of all types in today’s NBA go to Olajuwon when they want a better post game.  Tim Duncan is the BEST power forward of ALL-TIME.  Yes, I said it.  Yes, this is a Philly sports blog!  I am not a fan of that Power Forward though, so I am not going to mention his name here.  I digress, and as you can probably now tell, I am also a big fan of Top Ten Lists!

For every Greg Oden and Sam Bowie, there is an NBA Superstar like Kevin Durant and/or Michael Jordan.  Do you remember Kenyon Martin?  Yes, that dude that looks like Method Man.  He broke his leg in the first game of his senior season at Cincinnati in 1999.  Regardless, the Nets chose him with the #1 overall pick in the 2000 draft.  He finished #2 in Rookie of the Year voting for the 2000-01 NBA season.  He played in the Finals in both his second and third seasons and he became an All-Star by his fourth.

More recently, Andre Drummond suffered a back injury similar to that of Joel Embiid.  As per CBS Sports, Drummond was injured his rookie season and took the same amount of time off that Embiid did.  This past season, his second in the league, he averaged 13 points and 13 rebounds per game.  He was also able to have Sam, the other girl from iCarly, take her clothes off for, and sent selfies to, him.

Embiid is currently sidelined with a foot injury.

The NBA Draft is ALWAYS a crapshoot.  If the Sixers draft the next Tim Duncan, I will drink to that.  If they draft the next Greg Oden, I will drink MORE!  If the next GREAT big man is coming out of this year’s draft and the Sixers have a chance to draft him, they MUST make that pick.  Waiting is part of the rebuilding process.

(References: cbssports.com, nbadraft.net , Wikipedia.org ,  basketball-reference.com )

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