Did the Sixers get their Hands on a Grant like Horace?

Jerami Grant, the Sixers second 2nd round pick at #39 overall, is actually one of Harvey’s kids (pictured above). I’m not sure if Jerami is wearing the Sixers jersey but it would be great coincidence if he is. CSN ran a spot the other night about Jerami. They mentioned his pops, Harvey Grant, but they failed to mention that he was a Sixer. I remember Harvey as a Sixer. I did not remember his stats here though, so I did some research. As it turns out, his numbers here could possibly be the reason why CSN omitted his Sixers ties from their piece!

Harvey, father of Jerami, is also the twin brother of the more, well-known Horace Grant (peep the Diddy lyric I spun into the title of this article). Uncle Horace is a 4-time NBA World Champion; he was a prominent Power Forward with Michael Jordan’s Bulls in the early 90’s. He was even an All-Star in 1994. Horace also played a little Center in the NBA.

Harvey Grant was a Small Forward and an undersized Power Forward (he played at about 6’8” and 195 pounds). His Sixers stats may not have been very flattering, but early on in his career with the lowly Washington Bullets he did manage to average 18 ppg for three straight seasons (1991, 92 & 93). Thaddeus Young, current Sixer, is also an undersized Power Forward. Thad averaged 17.9 ppg last season.

NBAdraft.net likens Jerami Grant to Thaddeus Young. My publisher, an Orangemen fan (Jerami played his college ball at Syracuse), agrees with said comparison. NBAdraft.net states that Jerami “Gets off the floor quickly.” That has me thinking offensive boards, put backs and second chance baskets. Sounds like Thad. I like Thad. Every team could utilize a guy like Thad.

In 2007, when the Sixers drafted him with the 12th overall pick, Thaddeus Young was being compared to Richard Jefferson (no relation to Thomas, George or Weezie). RJ was a superior athlete. That works well in today’s NBA. Jerami Grant appears to fit the same bill as both Thad and RJ. Suffice to say, he is no Horace. Is he Harvey?

If so, I will take the early 90’s version please!

(References: nbadraft.net, basketball-reference.com)

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