Rookie Camp Diary First Draft Revealed!

(with contributions from Bunny Miller)


As you may or may not know, first-round draft pick Travis Sanheim is keeping an exclusive blog for the Flyers website as he participates in his first pro camp. Being as it’s the official Flyers website, there’s sure to be a certain amount of… filtering that goes on with the content. Well, we at DeliverPhilly4 have obtained (and not at all fabricated on our own) the first rough, uncut, super-mega-raw draft of Sanheim’s blog, written after Day 1 and 2. How does Travis REALLY feel? Let’s take a look!

Day 1:

“Hi Flyers fans…

Well since being drafted a little over a week ago by the Flyers it’s been a full range of emotions. It was such an exciting time in Philly at the Draft. I love how you guys booed the hell out of Bettman, but I’m not looking forward to playing with that no-talent duster Brayden Schenn. Ugh.

I got word from Coach Berube that I needed to report to the Flyers camp soon after I returned home. His email was a picture of a large arrow going from Manitoba to Philadelphia with “F***ING NOW” in big letters, so I booked my flight as soon as I could and arrived Wednesday morning in Philadelphia.

We didn’t report to the rink at first, so I went right to the hotel where we had a meeting. It was a good meeting. We all stood up and introduced ourselves, where we come from and who we played with last season. Coach Berube and Mr. Hextall were there too and talked some. Mr. Hextall showed a clip of him throwing a waffle-board at a guy and shouting at him and said if we all played like that we would be fine in this town; I’ll have to ask where I can get a waffle-board soon.

Day 2:

Today was Day Two at camp. We’ve been doing a lot on and off the ice. When we’re not skating, we’re up in the gym or outside shooting pucks or working on skill work — stick handling, and stuff like that. They’ve been keeping us pretty busy, and it’s been a fun week so far. They are very concerned about our well-being. Coach Berube even mentioned he’d let us take it easy and not skate as part of the workout if we messed up too much. He’s so nice to bag skate us!

The fans at camp have been awesome. I got a good taste of what they’re like at the draft, but they really are passionate. They expect a lot out of us; I could tell they were impressed that we messed up at all because when we did, they said “oooooo”! Like fireworks eh?

I’m a little worried that our camp is haunted; my teammate from Calgary, Radel Fazleev, lost an edge and slid into the boards, and some of the fans looked like they’d seen the ghost of Scott Hartnell. He was okay though.

Even though we’ve had a lot going on, we still have had some free time. Last night, Radel and I went walking to explore the area and almost got lost. We asked for directions, but not everyone is as friendly as they are in Canada; I apologized for accidentally bumping someone and instead of apologizing back, they said nothing! Rough town, I guess.

After our walk, we met up with Sam [Morin], Mark [Friedman], and Nic [Aube-Kubel] and went out for a drive. Morin’s got his car here so we were just driving around looking for a gas station to fill it up. It was just like back home!

I’ve really been having fun with the guys, and I’m looking forward to the rest of camp. Now about that waffle-board…


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