Ben Revere: The best “8 hole hitter” in the National League

“Ben Revere sucks!”  “All he does is hit singles!”  “He has no arm!”


Ben Revere is a ball player. I said it when he got here and I will continue to say it. If the kid was on a decent team with better hitters around him he would be penciled in as an 8 hole hitter. If there is an MLB team out there that wouldn’t take Revere playing centerfield and batting 8th they’re delusional.

“Rev-Run” is the only Phillie batting over .300 with a .309 avg, and currently holds a .354 avg over his last 30 games.

In case we forgot, Revere was on a tear in 2013 before fouling a ball off his ankle to end his season. The injury ended his season at the 88 game mark with a .305 avg/ 96 hits/ 9 – 2B/ 3 – 3B/ 17 RBI/ 16 BB/ 22 SB — If we project his numbers over the span of a full season in 2013 Ben would have ended up with around a .308 avg/ 16 2B/ 5 3B/ 32 RBI/ 30 BB/ and 40+ SB.

If we take a look at Revere’s totals from this 2014 season we will see the same numbers if not better..

Through 108 games: .309 avg/ 129 hits/ 9 – 2B/ 6 – 3B/ 13 RBI/ 10 BB/ 32 SB

Projected numbers for the season: .302 avg/ 169 hits/ 13 – 2B/ 7 – 3B/ 23 RBI/ 17 BB/ and 42 SB

All of us can agree that Ben Revere could walk more, but if he can reach base by shooting a ball back through the middle what’s the difference?

Plus, according to, Revere only strikes out every 11.6 at-bats which is best in the majors. He puts the ball in play which is vital as a lead-off hitter, yet more so as an 8th hole hitter to turn the line-up over.

As of now, Revere stands near the top in four major statistical categories: 13th in average, 17th in hits, tied for 9th in triples, and  4th in stolen bases.


Ben Revere is a talented baseball player and is good at what he does. His job is to get on base and make things happen. It is up to the players behind him to move him over, and bring him in. Ben Revere can only score as many runs as the players behind him in the lineup allow him too. The inconsistency on this Phillies team is troublesome, not just for Revere, but for every player who has a decent day at the yard.

If Revere was inserted into a line-up like San Francisco’s, St. Louis’, Milwaukee’s, Washington’s, etc. He would bat 8th and look pretty damn good doing it.

He would bat 8th with an average over .300 and the opportunity to steal 40+ bases a year.

If the Phillies decide to get moving in the right direction and add some talent to their roster, Ben Revere is a player who should stay right where he’s at. Whether or not Revere stays in the lead-off spot is up to the talent the team decides to add.

The only thing Revere can control is his own play. Appreciate the way he plays, don’t knock him because he’s not what the average fan wants him to be.


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