We would be remiss if we didn’t take a look at the Flyers schedule for next year, with just a little over a month remaining until the pre-season slate begins. Here’s how it shakes out:

Division teams the Flyers play five times: Blue Jackets (twice in November, twice in five days in February), Hurricanes (twice in April)

Division teams they play four times: Devils, Rangers (three times in November alone), Islanders, Penguins (twice in five days in April), Capitals (twice in January and February)

Longest road trip: eight games (December 20 to January 3 at Leafs, Jets, Wild, Predators, Coyotes, Avalanche, Hurricanes, Devils)

Longest homestand: five games (January 20 to February 5 vs the Pens, Coyotes, Jets, Leafs, Islanders)

Longest breaks between games: the Flyers have a five day break from November 9 through 13, and a six day break from January 21 through 26.

If you want to see the orange and black in South Philly, it’ll probably be on a Tuesday (eleven home games), Thursday (twelve home games) or Saturday (twelve home games). They play twenty-four games on the other days, but only six of them are at home.

The Flyers play fourteen back-to-backs: one in February and April, two in October/December/March, and three in November and January.

The Flyers only have one true home-and-home, with the Rangers on November 28 and 29. There are numerous times in the schedule where they play a team, play a game with another team, and then play the first team again, however.

Should the Flyers need a couple points at the end of the season to make the playoffs, they’ll play the last four games of the season at home against the Pens, Islanders, Hurricanes and Senators.

Games by day (home games in parentheses):
Monday: 4 (1)
Tuesday: 18 (11)
Wednesday: 9 (1)
Thursday: 16 (12)
Friday: 4 (2)
Saturday: 24 (12)
Sunday: 7 (2)

Games by month (home games in parentheses):
October: 10 (5)
November: 13 (7)
December: 14 (4)
January: 14 (9)
February: 12 (6)
March: 13 (6)
April: 6 (4)

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