Home Field Advantage

Although the Eagles head to Arizona this weekend for their first game after the bye, it’s only right to express the new home field advantage that Lincoln Financial Field possesses.

It has been just about two weeks now since the Eagles turned in that dominate performance against the New York Giants on Sunday Night Football.

The Eagles organization had done a great job advertising and marketing the #BlackSunday blackout the whole week leading up to the game.

The fans were pumped and the atmosphere throughout the Linc was electric. Maybe the all black uniforms played a role in it, or maybe the anticipation leading up to a Sunday night rivalry game did the trick. Either way, Black Sunday was a huge success.

It was only about a year and a half ago when we thought the Eagles would never win another home game at the Linc.

They had lost ten straight games at home starting on October 14, 2012 vs. Detroit. The streak continued through five more home games under coach Andy Reid’s last season, and extended into 2013 with four more home losses in coach Chip Kelly’s inaugural season. Finally, the home loss debacle came to an end on November 17, vs. Washington.

Since that hideous ten game home losing skid, the Birds have won eight straight games at home starting with the Washington game of last season. The eight teams the Eagles have beaten at home during their current streak are Washington x2, Arizona, Detroit, Chicago, Jacksonville, St. Louis, and NYG.

The offseason stadium renovations have definitely helped keep most of the noise inside the stadium; however, the team culture that Chip Kelly has built here in Philadelphia is without a doubt the biggest reason for the turnaround.

The last two years under Andy Reid went sour, fans felt hopeless entering the stadium. Fans knew the team was in turmoil and there wasn’t much to root for. We looked for something to go wrong so we could boo the team off the field. The effort just wasn’t there, and here in Philadelphia we don’t play that.

Once coach Kelly came to the city fans had something to be hopeful for once again. They knew that a brand new plan and approach was in the making. We may not have thought it would happen as quickly as it has, but the reason to be excited again was there. A new era of Philadelphia football was underway.

This is a football town. We have soul and the Eagles are our ruler (sorry Pete). If we wake up in the morning and head into work with no voice after a win then we know we did our job as a fan. The passion in this city is second to none. This is the best sports town in the world. We are the real 12th man. We use our voices, our hands, and the seat-backs in front of us to generate noise. We don’t have to pump noise into our stadium like those phony west coast teams, yeah Seattle I’m talking to you! This is Philadelphia, we pack stadiums during blizzards. We just don’t root for our teams, we live them. They are a part of us. They are a part of our families. They are the escape from reality.


The Eagles head to Arizona to face off against the Cardinals tomorrow in a matchup of two 5-1 football teams. All other 31 NFL cities should take notice of the sea of green that takes over the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale. The Philadelphia Eagles not only have the best home field advantage in the NFL, they have the best away field advantage in the NFL. Eagles fans travel well, Philadelphia fans in general travel well.

There is an expectance of 15,000-20,000 Eagles fans to be in attendance for the game tomorrow. They’re heading out to Glendale to help the Birds secure another victory to push their record to 6-1. If the Eagles can do just that, then it’s off to Houston next week, then back home for a Monday night matchup vs. The Carolina Panthers to extend the home win streak to nine straight games.

The extension of the home win streak sounds fantastic, yet the Eagles have business to attend to in Arizona first.

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