“Tank You Very Much, It’s Time to Build.”

The following quotes are from an article I recently read on csnphilly.com:

“The San Antonio Spurs drafted a franchise-transforming player in Tim Duncan when they ‘tanked’ during the 1996-97 season and the Oklahoma City Thunder were built largely on draft picks.”

“The Cleveland Cavaliers have used the No. 1 overall pick four times since 2003 and three times in the last four seasons to rebuild the franchise. Those picks have netted the Cavs players like LeBron James, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving.”

I wanted Anthony Bennett (oh yeah, I said that once already, my bad, I’m getting old!).

I remember vividly the 2006-07 Boston Celtics tanking hard in hopes of landing either Greg Oden or Kevin Durant.  I was ecstatic when it blew up in their faces and I still do not give Doc Rivers any real credit as a great coach.  I loved Doc the player (particularly his stint with the Knicks), but Doc the coach? NO THANKS.

Check out these blurbs from a Boston Herald article I recently researched:

“Rivers insisted there was nothing sinister about leaving Paul Pierce (game-high 23 points) on the bench for the fourth quarter and letting the quintet of Sebastian Telfair, Ryan Gomes, Gerald Green, Allan Ray and Leon Powe stay on the parquet as the lead — still at 10 with nine minutes left in the game — disappeared.”

The Bucks were in on the tanking also as per espn.go.com’s TRUEHOOP blog:

“In the final week of the season, the Celtics and Bucks, both maneuvering for the best possible draft position, played each other and gave DNPs to high scorers Paul Pierce, Al Jefferson, Wally Szczerbiak, Michael Redd and Mo Williams.“

The C’s landed Jeff Green at #5 and the Bucks drafted Yi at #6.  No, not Yao, Yi! (insert lol’s here).

My point, tanking (if you choose to call it that) has been going on for a minute.  DO NOT CHANGE THE GAME NOW.  It’s the 76ers turn, changing the rules is just not fair.

As of right now, the game remains the same.  13 teams voted against the measure to reform the NBA’s draft lottery.

Many of my peers refer to the league (the NBA) as “watered down.”  This is a valid opinion when considering expansion over the years and the young ages of some of the players.  Sam Hinkie wants to build with youth.

Building with youth is not tanking.  Building with youth is what many of us parents witness our children experience.  My two sons have been playing baseball with same group of guys since age 5 or so.  The first few seasons were rough, they experienced many losses.  Now, at ages 9 and 10, we reminisce about championship games, all-star weekend experiences and tough playoff losses.

MCW, Joel and Noel play basketball and, yes, they are little bit older than the Becker Boys.  But, they are KIDS.  They are kids playing a game that they love with their friends.  Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be?  How many guys have we seen just fade away because the expectations placed upon them were insurmountable?

Google the following names when you have a moment: Leon Smith, Felipe Lopez and Dajuan Wagner.

I truly believe that players and teams shine when expectations are tempered a bit.  Ever hear of a guy named Tom Brady?

The league is top-heavy.  The teams in the middle stay there.  Look at your 76ers from 2007-08 through 2011-12.  I enjoyed it, I rooted, I went to games with my kids.  But, I knew the Sixers were only going to go so far.

Nowadays, guys like Vince Carter, Ray Allen and Richard Jefferson are back-ups on teams favored to go to the playoffs and further.  Guys like Kevin Love and Pau Gasol are latching on with teams where they do not have to be “the guy.”  And, the Al Jefferson/Paul Millsap types (think Shareef Abdur-Rahim and maybe even Andre Iguodala) continue to spray on their Championship ring repellant.

Get excited. Be excited.  Your team.  Your town.  Your 76ers.

Together We Build because in Hinkie I trust.


(references: wikipedia.org, draftexpress.com, basketball-reference.com)

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