That’s What He Shved

As Per back in August when the Thad trade was just about finalized:

“Alexey Shved is some hot trash but this team needs two guards and he fits the bill. He showed some promise his rookie season, but crashed real hard last year. Philadelphia is a perfect opportunity for him to show his worth, however.”

Alexey Shved, 25 year old 6 ft. 6 in. Russian point guard, made his 76ers debut during their season debut this past Wednesday in a 103-91 loss to the Indiana Pacers.  In 24 minutes of work, Shved managed to go 5 of 11 from the field and 3 of 6 from 3-point land.  He finished the game with 18 points, 3 rebounds and 5 assists.  My favorite stat though was his 0 turnovers.

Zumoff was saying how Shved and Ricky Rubio were once referred to as the back court of the future for the Minnesota Timberwolves.  All I really know about Alexey is what he did on opening night and that he kind of has a hockey player name.

I watched the game. Shved looked smooth in his movement with the ball in his hands.  I like big combo type guards.  His 3-point percentage and assist to turnover ratio in game show promise.  At first glance, he looks like a young Toni Kukoc.  I am probably wrong though.  His size and fluid movement also remind me of Shaun Livingston.  It was only one game …

Since I don’t know much about Alexey Shved, I did some research.  He was once a teammate of Andre Kirilenko with the  PBC CSKA Moscow around 2011-12 during the NBA lockout.  Not sure how to read into this, but that particular club (as per is often regarded as one of the richest clubs in Europe.

Shved was also the starting PG for the latest installment of the Russian National Olympic Men’s Basketball team.  In 2012, Shved and his 5.9 assists per game helped lead said team to a Bronze medal.  He was ranked 3rd in the entire tournament in assists and that ranking was ahead of a few guys you may have heard of before: Lebron James, Chris Paul and Deron Williams.

In the Bronze medal match, Alexey Shved scored 25 points and dished out 7 assists.  This, along with AK47’s 8 rebounds, helped him lead his team to victory over Manu Ginobili and Andres Nocioni’s Argentinian team.

I like Alexey Shved right now.  I hope he prospers in his season long tryout for your Philadelphia 76ers.



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