The Plan For The Phillies Future

Now that the World Series is over it’s time to move on to the MLB offseason. But for a proud franchise like the Phillies, what does this offseason have in store?

Many rumors have speculated that the Phillies will cut ties with first baseman Ryan Howard to start a new chapter over at first base. If Howard does go, the so called front runners that will replace him range anywhere from Darin Ruf, to Maikel Franco, to Chase Utley who will have to make a position change late in his career. Utley’s knees would definetly benefit from a move to first base, nonetheless, many people would like to see Utley go as well as Howard to start a clean slate all together.

The front office is going to need several years to fix this team just at the major league level, and truthfully, I’d say they need about a decade to fix the farm. It may sound terrifying, but that’s reality.

In the meantime, the Phillies have the 5th highest payroll in all of baseball. The saddest part is the fact that they are paying slop decent amounts of cash to be mediocre at best. For example, Mike Adams made $7 million this past season for putting his arm though a gruesome 18.2 innings. While starting pitcher A.J. Burnett was paid $14.7 million for a 4.59 ERA & 18 losses.   HOLY SHIT WHAT A BARGAIN!


Thankfully, HE was given the chance to opt out of his contract for next season.. (We can thank sweet baby Jesus that he did)

With all that said, there should be one main focus on rebuilding this team.

The front office has to rebuild the team to fit the ballpark!

Citizens Bank Park is one of the best hitters parks in all of baseball.

The front office needs to configure a plan to find some boppers who can hit the long ball. They need to fill the rest of the roster with guys who mold well together from a defensive standpoint and from a chemistry standpoint. When searching for a pitcher, look for guys who have a high strikeout ratio and/or guys who can produce outs by keeping the ball on the ground. Mold the damn team to fit the park. Baseball is a 162 game season. Half the games are on the road, while the other half are at your home park. That’s 81 games to use to your advantage by molding a team to fit the home ballpark they play in. It really isn’t rocket science. One would think that a Stanford education would produce a fella to understand that.

Whether the Philadelphia Phillies front office is smart enough to understand such a simple concept that even a “blogger” could think of is beyond my control.

Whether the Philadelphia Phillies front office wants to fire Ruben Amaro Jr. and make me the GM is also beyond my control.

The only thing under my control is this lovely Wawa custom chicken sandwich, and the publication of this post.

Good Day.

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