Ten questions at the halfway point


Results this week: Bruins 3, Flyers 1; Flyers 7, Lightning 3; Capitals 1, Flyers 0; Canucks 4, Flyers 0

Current record: 17-21-7, 41 points

Record at this point last year: 23-18-4, 50 points

Record at this point in 2006: 11-30-4, 26 points

Upcoming schedule: Jan 17 at Sabres, Jan 19 at Islanders, Jan 20 vs Penguins

So we just got done watching the Flyers get blanked for the second game in a row.  At this point, they’re drawing comparisons to the wretched 2006-7 team we had because, well, we don’t have a lot of bad Flyers teams in recent memory to compare them to.  For the rest of the year, we’ll chart this team’s record both with last year’s team and that terrible 2006-7 team to see which team they finish closer to.  As you see, this team is still miles better than the team that ended up with the second overall pick in the draft; that team didn’t hit seventeen wins until March 1, 2007.  Know who lead that team in games played?  34-year-old Derian Hatcher (who played 44 games after this season then retired) and RJ Umberger.  Yuck.

It’s kind of funny; Mason, Giroux and Voracek are actively holding this team back from being as bad as it could be.  If they were Sixers, they’d be traded by now, but I digress.  We’ll know if the wheels are well and truly off if they lose to Buffalo.

We brought Dan and Kara back for ten more questions about the Flyers at the halfway point of the season.  Here’s how it turned out.

The best 6 defensemen are:

Dan: Streit, Schenn, MacDonald, Schultz, Coburn, Del Zotto

Kara: Streit, Schenn, Schultz, Coburn, Del Zotto, Colaiacovo

Jay: Streit, Schenn, MacDonald, Schultz, Coburn, Del Zotto

Vegas has Craig Berube as the most likely coach to lose his job next.  Does he lose his job during this season, after the season, or is he the coach going into next season?  Why?

Dan: He will coach into next season. The players respect him and the GM respects him. Regardless of the record this year only half the season has been played and he still has a lot of hockey left. Plus he still has a winning record as a career NHL coach. Not stellar, but the ship’s not lost yet.

Kara: I think he’s gone, but not until the end of the season. The Flyers are bad with or without Berube. There are also more viable options available once the season is over.

Jay: He finishes the year and gets canned in the off-season.  I think Ed Snider gives Mike Babcock a blank check to come to town.

Will any Flyers be traded before the deadline, and if so, who do you think it will be?

Dan:  Yes, I feel it will most likely be Braydon Coburn, but wouldn’t put it past to Couturier to take a ride.

Kara: I can see rentals like Streit, MDZ, or Coburn being traded. I don’t expect a big return either. Hopefully people don’t get their hopes up.

Jay: People keep throwing around Couturier and Brayden Schenn’s name, but I think it would be foolish to trade them.  I think Coburn, Grossmann or Del Zotto could get moved

If you had the power to do anything you wished to improve the Flyers, you would…

Dan: Besides punt Paul Holmgren……. I would most likely trade for a power forward that can score and put up assists. As much as I thought it wouldn’t hurt, the Scott Hartnell trade does sting.

Kara: Get rid of big contracts. Offer these guys for nothing more than picks.

Jay: Trade Lecavalier for virtually nothing, find a legit LW1 for Giroux and Voracek, then fast forward time two years to when the baby defensemen are ready.

What impact would a potential Kimmo Timonen return have?

Dan:  It will help, potentially a defenseman who can control the game. Someone who can actually clear the crease and also be the QB on the power play. As long as his clots are gone or in check.

Kara: It’d definitely help the team, but I don’t think it would save the season.

Jay: It would be a huge help to the team, especially to the PK where they so desperately need him.  If they don’t bury themselves any more, he could save their season.

What are the odds of Jake Voracek or Claude Giroux winning the Art Ross?

Dan: They both have a great chance being 1 and 3 in the league. I think Jake can do it as long as long as the top line stays healthy and keeps scoring more than a point a game.

Kara: Pretty good. I think more for Voracek than Giroux. Especially if they both can maintain a point per game for the rest of the season.

Jay:   As good as anyone elses of note.  It’ll come down to who can stay healthy and stay on the ice.

When was the last time we had a goaltender playing as well as Mason?

Dan: Couple of goalies come to mind, but even though win / loss column might not match I feel like in recent years Martin Biron at the end of his time here in Philly, Michael Leighton and his playoff run in 2009-2010. I’ll even go on a limb and say maybe Roman Cechmanek.

Kara: The last goaltender I can remember is probably Ron Hextall.

Jay: Boucher during the Cup run comes to mind.  It’s funny; for years, all Flyers fans have wanted out of their goalie is someone who won’t allow the soft goal and who will keep them in games.  Now we have it and our blue line is so bad, it doesn’t matter.

When you saw Giroux go down during the Carolina game, the first thoughts through your head were…

Dan:  “#*$! There goes production.  I hope it’s not like Eric Wellwood’s incident.

Kara: Eric Wellwood and how the cut he suffered. How it almost cost him his life and forced him to retire.

Jay: “We are screwed for the forseeable future if this is serious.”

Who has looked the best at LW1?

Dan: True LW, point-wise Brayden Schenn, overall I like Michael Raffl.

Kara: Raffl and it bothers me that Berube broke that line up

Jay: I have to go with Raffl.

Do they make the playoffs?

Dan: Only if they can tighten the D.

Kara: No. If by some miracle they do, they’re a first round exit.

Jay: Not without 30 games from Kimmo Timonen, and not even that may be enough to save them.

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