All The Nopes

Is there enough time to complete the comeback?  The answer is an emphatic “no”.

Results this week: Bruins 3, Flyers 2 (OT); Devils 5, Flyers 2; Stars 2, Flyers 1; Blues 1, Flyers 0

Current record: 28-27-13, 69 points
Record at this point last year: 37-25-7, 81 points

Upcoming schedule: Mar 14 vs Wings, Mar 15 at Senators, Mar 17 at Canucks, Mar 19 at Flames

Whatever hopes the Flyers had of making the playoffs died in that 3-2 overtime loss in Boston.  It was like that scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Dome where Mola Ram reaches into the guy’s chest and steals his heart, then it bursts into flames.  That’s exactly what the Bruins did to the Flyers.  The rest of the week was just confirmation; losing to the Devils 5-2, then sleepwalking through a 2-1 loss against the Stars where it looked like Mason was the only one awake, then again losing to the Blues 1-0 in the shootout.  After the Stars game, Mason called out his teammates in front of reporters during his postgame interview, saying “he was embarrassed” and everyone should be about their level of play.  Frankly, he’s right.

Whatever tricks Berube had to push this team or spur them on aren’t working.  It’s obvious he needs to go, and this losing streak and not making the playoffs may be the thing that encourage Ron to make a change in the offseason.  With loud coaches, their shelf life is at most four years; after that, the team tunes them out and they become ineffective.  As it turns out, Berube didn’t even last that long before losing them.

For years, even decades, we would have killed to have a goalie who is playing like Mason.  Now we have him, and we can’t do anything with him because of the current construction of the team.  Go figure.  Mason has three shutouts now, and he’s lost two of them.  Think about that.

In conclusion, this Tweet by @215faithful sums everything up quite nicely:


That’s it.  I got nothing else.  I’m as frustrated as you are.  I’ll see you next week.

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