Playing out the string

Results this week: a bunch of road losses before a home win against Chicago.  Of course.

Point total: 76
Place in lottery rankings: eighth

Upcoming schedule: if they’re going to the playoffs we’ll win, if they’re not, we’ll lose

At the beginning of Thursday, here’s how the race for the bottom looked:


There’s room to move up and down in the standings, but the playoffs are out of reach.  There’s little left but to play out the string and see where the first round pick lands.  Simmonds and MacDonald are out for the year thanks to injuries sustained last game.  They’ll call up a kid or two and that will be that.

The bigger questions start this off season.  What is Berube’s fate?  Will Del Zotto or Ryan White (who has had a career year in very limited time) be back?  Will Hextall be able to find a taker for Lecavalier (whose agent is lobbying for a move)?  Does Ed Snider really have the patience to go through with the plan?  In a way, being cap strapped isn’t bad for the Flyers; it prevents them from potentially trying to make a crippling mistake due to pressure from Snider.  They just don’t have it; they have to follow the plan.  Since Snider can’t throw money at the roster problem, could he throw money at a good coach like Mike Babcock?

This year was always about two years from now, just like how next year will be about the year after it.  That’s when we’ll be able to really take stock and see how the rebuild is going.

I was ecstatic to see the royal treatment Kimmo Timonen received on his return to the WFC.  He deserved every bit of it.  I’ll be cheering for the Hawks in the playoffs, and not just because the further they go, the better the pick we get from them gets.  I’d love to see Kimmo hoist the Cup, even if it isn’t in orange and black.

There are sixteen days left in the Flyers season.  Enjoy having hockey while we still do.

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