We Own Yinz

We may not be going to the playoffs, but beating the Pens never gets old.
Results last week: Who cares! We beat the Pens!
Upcoming schedule: the Pens on Easter!
Current standings:
With five games to go, the Flyers sit as the eighth-worst team in the league. They can sink past Columbus and maybe New Jersey for the sixth spot.
I don’t understand why the Pens would elect to start the game with only five defensemen. Injuries and cap issues and concern about waiver claims aside, why wouldn’t you just convert a forward to a defenseman as a stopgap measure, like the Flyers did with Sami Kapanen when they were completely decimated with injuries and needed defensemen? Isn’t that better than tiring out your five defensemen who are going to have to recover in time for a playoff run? Wouldn’t you rather play short a forward than a D-man? The logic (or lack thereof) hurts my head. The matter was almost compounded worse by Paul Martin taking a shot off of his dome and suffering helmet damage due to it. What happens if he gets knocked out of the game? Egads.
Regardless, baby Schenn potted a couple and the Flyers won 4-1. Evgeni Malkin had some kind of sudden, mysterious injury (Couturieritis?) which will probably let him play in games after the Pens play the Flyers on Sunday in Philly. Crosby scored but it didn’t matter. Mason was good, Fleury was shaky, and all was right with the world.
Anyone who plays the Pens now has to know the formula; to beat the Pens on the scoreboard, you beat them on the ice. Get physical, throw them off their game, get them taking stupid penalties (thanks Downie!) Get them whining to the officials to the point where even if there’s calls to be made, they’re no longer making them.
Mario Lemieux could pour holy water onto the ice at CONSOL and it wouldn’t matter: 11-1-1 in a building that isn’t yours is ridiculous.
Not going to the playoffs stings, but it’s fun to take people down with you, eh?
Programming note: our last Flyers column of the year will include a full review of our predictions and how they turned out. It should be good for a laugh; don’t miss it!

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