Former Phillies manager Ryne Sandberg rejoins Cubs organization 

Ryne Sandberg will return to the Cubs organization as an ambassador to the team. 

After failing miserably in Philadelphia with very little to work with, Sandberg will return to the city that he never wanted to leave. The Phillies gave Sandberg his first shot at an MLB coaching job after he served as their AAA manager for a bit. Sandberg was announced as the teams 3rd base coach under Charlie Manuel’s last season with the team. It was obvious the Phillies had Sandberg as the manager in waiting as soon as they brought him to their organization. 

 Sandberg’s final tally with the Phillies was a 119-159 win/loss record before he quit like a little bitch with 3 months left in the season. 

He will go back to Chicago where he is comfortable and out of the spotlight for now. Maybe Sandberg becomes a bench coach or 3rd base coach again, with that said, I highly doubt he ever gets another managerial position in the majors. 

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