NFL playoff picks: Divisional Round

SPREADS (As of Jan. 15, lines are subject to change. SOURCE: VI Consensus)
NE -4.5 vs KC o/u 43
ARZ -7 vs GB o/u 49.5
CAR -1.5 vs SEA o/u 44
DEN -7.5 vs PIT o/u 39.5

RECAP: Going into last weekend I felt pretty confident in my picks. After waiting the week out, keeping a close eye on the line movement, I had a pretty decent idea on who I thought would come out with the win. While going 3-1 isn’t bad, I thought it was easy to see who should and shouldn’t be in the playoffs. This week, not so much.

Bill Belichick and Andy Reid face off once again in the playoffs. Their last meeting was Super Bowl 39 where our beloved Eagles fell to the Patriots 24-21. We all remember that game right?


If only the Patriots had Blair Walsh as their kicker that year. After hyping up the Chiefs all week, I’m going with the Pats -4.5. After reviewing the recent win streak by Kansas City it becomes quite obvious that they have yet to face any legit QB. Big Ben was sidelined during their Week 7 matchup, and 3 weeks later Peyton manning had the worst game of his career. You can argue it was the Chiefs D, I’ll argue its due to Peyton being old as shit. I know New England says Gronkowski is hurt but we all know he’ll be out there tossing people around. With Gronk and Edelman back in the lineup, it will be too much for the banged up Kansas City defense to handle. Go with the Pats -4.5 and if you really want to be safe, buy it up to -3. Don’t forget about what occurred before this season, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady still have that chip on their shoulder. Go Pats.

The Packers went into Washington and dismantled the Redskins on both sides of the ball last weekend. Green Bay was able to put up points through the air before even establishing the run game. Once fat ass Eddy Lacy and James Starks got going in the 2nd half it was over. That wont be happening against Arizona. The Cardinals defense is too good to allow anything of the sort to occur. The veteran presence and pure talent on this team wins this game for Arizona. The Packers have too many holes on offense and defense. Clearly we didn’t see that the entire game against the Redskins, but that doesn’t mean they disappeared in the 2nd half, they just were not exploited. If you want to double up take the over also. High scoring, close game with Carson Palmer and The Cardinals winning by 10.

I find this matchup the most difficult to choose from, and the most interesting. I liked Seattle all week, especially after the line moved in their favor. And after last week it seemed like they were destined to make a Super Bowl run for the 3rd year in a row. but the fact of the matter is, if Blair Walsh makes that field goal, Seattle wouldn’t be here. Yes, it was below freezing but the Vikings were out there also, Minnesota should have won that game. So, my advice is to take the Panthers. Cam Newton and his team have been called frauds all year long and continuously proved the majority wrong. Teams like this get overlooked sometimes because of how difficult it is to be 16-1 going into the NFC championship. My guess is that’s what is about to happen. Go Carolina.

My big upset this week is The Pittsburgh Steelers. I Like Pittsburgh with the points, mostly due to the fact that I think Denver Blows. The Broncos defense bailed them out all season long and who knows what we will see at QB. It’s irrelevant whether Manning or Osweiler plays because they wont be able to get anything going on offense. The 12-4 record fools us, the majority of their games were relatively low scoring and won by 3 points or less. I like the indestructible Ben Roethlisberger to get the job done this week. The guy came back last week and played after separating his shoulder, he’ll be good to go all game Sunday. The Steelers have depth on offense and will have no problem filling in for their leading wide-out and half back. Go Steelers.

Good Luck!

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