NFL Playoff Picks:Conference Championships

RECAP: Divisional weekend did not fail to impress. After another weekend going 3-1 I think it is ok for you guys to start calling me a guru… Obviously Im kidding, I was lucky this week with Pittsburgh covering by a half of a point, and a bit unlucky with Arizona falling a half point short. After last weeks games it’s clear who the strong teams are, and which teams have the most flaws. As of now, Im overlooking those flaws. This is championship weekend, the Lombardi trophy is within short reach, 4 teams will be ready to play.

New England vs Denver

As I mentioned before, we know who the strong teams are. Early in the week, The Pats are -3 heading into Denver and Carolina is -3 at home. They seem to be the easy picks, but my motto this entire post season has been “It is not as easy as it looks.” So, with that being said, I’m feeling Denver +3 over New England. Since the start of the playoffs, Seattle has been deemed a team of fate. That Russell Wilson is destined to win the Superbowl in 2016. My theory has fate on Peyton’s side and not Wilsons. New England is 2-6 coming into Mile High so this is no easy task. We know about the difficulty of playing in high altitude and the problems it presents. Between that and Denver’s shut down defense i think they’ll be able to keep the scores low enough for The Broncos to get the edge. The stage is set now more than ever for Peyton and one last Hoo-rah. I think knowledge trumps skill in this one. Go Denver.

DEN +3

EDITOR’S NOTE: I like NE-3 and over 44.5 here

Arizona vs Carolina

This may be the most difficult pick so far this post-season. Cam Newton seems to be unstoppable but can he continue this run? As a team with little playoffs experience, will they be able to keep their composure this late in the game? I think they can. Im going with Carolina -3 this weekend. Arizona is a scary team to go up against theres no doubt about it, but they have been too inconsistent in the playoffs. Last week they couldn’t get anything going on offense until last minute, against a flawed Green Bay team who should have been blown out. They have had too much trouble getting the run game going therefore limiting their playbook. Arizona can not afford to wait until last minute and if it wasn’t for Larry Fitzgerald’s overtime bailout, Bruce Arians may have been getting ready for this game on his couch. Go Panthers.


EDITOR’S NOTE: This is a tough game. Carolina -3 seems like the easy pick after last week, but this game depends on how Carson Palmer plays. If Palmer can play at a high level, unlike last week, I think Arizona could take this based off of their new and improved running game. This is the one match up NFL fans been waiting to see all season. No way this one disappoints. Arizona covers with the +3, whether they win the game or not is not up to me.

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