Super Bowl 50 Prop Bet Sheet

On Sunday I will be running my prop bet sheet as I do for every Super Bowl.

The prop bet sheet is cheaper than a block pool, and an awesome way to bring everyone together at your Super Bowl party. The #FootballIsLife people are sure participants, yet so are the many people who are just there to interact and party. The fun part about the prop bet sheet is one doesn’t need to know every little thing about football to play. Some questions are 50/50 shots while others are a simple guess.

When everybody gets involved your guests start to pay attention more to follow their prop sheets. As an avid football fan myself, these prop sheets are the perfect way to help make sure nobody bothers me while the game is on.

I usually charge $5 a pop, and whoever gets the most questions right takes all of the money.  I collect all sheets and money prior to the game so everyone knows what the winning pot will be. Once the game is about to begin just take a blank sheet to use as your answer key. Once the game is over go through each sheet and mark the sheet like a teacher grading a test. As I stated, whoever answers the most questions right wins the pot money.

For guys like me, this is just something fun to do at the party. Of course I will be betting on the game along with betting on many prop bets with my personal bookie. For a list of some of the stuff I will be wagering on this Sunday Tweet me @JG_2Four or @DeliverPhilly4

If you would like to print out a version of my prop bet sheet you can do that right here👉🏼 SB50


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