Flyers beat handily by surging Ducks, drop third straight game

Nothing good came of the Philadelphia Flyers 4-1 loss to the Anaheim Ducks at Wells Fargo Center on Tuesday night. Low percentage plays, inability to move pucks crisply to one another, and just not generally being hard enough on loose pucks was at the crux of tonight’s loss. The Ducks deserved credit for really shutting things down and making it difficult to the Flyers to find room to make plays but the Flyers didn’t respond the right way in this one.Wayne Simmonds (19th) scored the Flyers lone tally in the losing effort. Since potting six goals in Nashville, the Flyers have completely come up empty offensively in these last three games. I believe this also gets back to the loss of Sean Couturier and his ability to turn pucks the other way. He’s such a valuable two-way commodity and the team, as expected, is sorely missing his presence in more than one way.

Losing goaltender Steve Mason did not have one of his best nights in goal as he made 22 saves on 25 shots. The team in front of him did very little to bail him out, however, and these kinds of things have been commonplace since Mason has come aboard. If the Flyers do not receive at least above average goaltending on a given night, the team tends to play poorly or get beat cleanly. It needs to change, whether playoffs are attainable goal for this team in 2015-2016 or not.

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