Eat Shit, DeMarco Murray

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Once again, there are reports out there that Eagles RB DeMarco Murray isn’t happy with being in Philadelphia.


Well, let me tell you something DeMarco, you’ve been a problem since you signed here. Sure, everything was great from the jump. There was excitement when your plane landed here and we seen your wife in her green blazer escort you to the car. Most people were thrilled about landing the NFL rushing leader from the year prior. Like most relationships there was fire in the beginning, but now look at us. We hate each other. Things just haven’t worked out.

It all started with you missing training camp practices due to an “illness.” Then when you did participate you were given a low amount of reps because you had a heavy workload the year before. Then came the season. Oh, what a horrible fucking season. Not just for the team as a whole, but for you individually. Yes, we know it hurts for you to drop off as much as you did, still imagine how the fans felt watching your sorry ass. You knew you were slower. Something wasn’t right. Ryan Mathews and Darren Sproles were producing whenever they touched the ball, yet you weren’t. So what does big bad DeMarco Murray do when he fails? What every other sorry excuse for a man does, blame someone else, in this case, the coach. We know Chip had a bad year, that’s besides the point, but don’t tell me he’s the reason you failed. Every other running back on the  roster produced, including Kenjon Barner when he touched the rock. Oh, but DeMarco is a downhill runner. He can’t hit the holes on the outside. Bullshit. Look up any video from the 2014 season he had in Dallas and I guarantee you see at least 5 times where he breaks a big chunk of yardage off on an outside run. The problem was Murray. He didn’t want to be here last year and he doesn’t want to be here now.

The Eagles were in the middle of a playoff race last season. Yeah, they were part of a horrible division, yet were still in the middle of a playoff race.  Do people honestly believe Chip Kelly would sit Murray if he was the best option at running back? HELLLLL NOOO!      Murray was slow and lazy last season. He got paid and he didn’t seem to give a fuck to be honest. He went to Jeff Lurie to tell him “he has no confidence in Chip.” The best part about it is nobody had confidence in DeMarco. Murray continued to be sidelined game after game only touching the ball a few times because the other backs were competing more than he was.

In the Washington game Murray had 5 carries for 27yds and a TD. That’s an average of 5.4 yards a carry. The RB looked okay when he got the ball, however, in the biggest moment of that game Murray had his number called and failed. The Eagles were down 6 with 3:15 left in the 3rd. The ball was placed at the Eagles 29 yard line with a 3rd and 2 attempt ready to go. Chip Kelly called  a pitch play that would have picked up the first down, if it hadn’t went all the way for a score. Bradford put the ball exactly where it had to be and Murray didn’t look the ball in. He actually alligator arms it if you watch the video. He alligator armed a pitched ball with not one defender anywhere close to him. That was the biggest play of the game and it brought the Eagles season to an end.

The coach was fired before the last game of the season and everyone some people thought that Murray would prevail now that Chip was gone. It certainly looked that way right off the bat when Murray took a 54 yard run right up the middle for a touchdown on his first run. People were saying, “that’s how you use DeMarco.” “Chip is an idiot.” But what did DeMarco do after that TD that was so great? I’ll tell you. Nothing. After his 54 yard run Murray had 15 yards on 11 carries for an average rush total of 1.36 yards. Pathetic. One thing most fans didn’t even realize about that game is Murray didn’t start at RB, Ryan Mathews did.

Yet here we are, for the second or third time this off-season we have to hear how this prick isn’t happy here in Philadelphia. Well dude, we aren’t happy with your sorry ass production for a  $13 million dollar cap hit.


We don’t want you either.

Go back to Dallas, you must have left your heart there, bud.

Jerry Jones, Jerry Jones Jr., DeMarco Murray



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