2016 Philadelphia Phillies: 40 Predictions

Photo: Bill Streicher/USA TODAY Sports

The Phillies lost to the Reds yesterday 6-2 after they dropped a 2-1 lead once the starting pitcher was pulled. This could be a long season, and although our main concern for this season is to watch the young guys develop, most of the players of the future aren’t even on the current roster. This season won’t be the greatest, yet it won’t be the worst, so with that said, why not have some fun with this season?

Here are 40 predictions for this Phillies season:

  1. Cesar Hernandez will flirt with a .300 average and end the season around the .290 mark.
  2. Carlos Ruiz will only see about 250 at-bats this season.
  3. Cameron Rupp will hit 15 or more home runs.
  4. Freddy Galvis will score 70 runs.
  5. Odubel Herrera will solidify himself as an every day center fielder and will flirt with a .270 average.
  6. Odubel Herrera will also have 150+ hits.
  7. Darin Ruf and Ryan Howard will combine for 30+ home runs.
  8. Darin Ruf and Ryan Howard will also split playing time 50/50 until early June, then Ruf will be playing 65% of the time while Howard only plays 35% of the time.
  9. Darin Ruf will draw 40+ walks.
  10. Ryan Howard will fail to reach 100 hits.
  11. Ryan Howard will still hit 15 HR
  12. Ryan Howard will be gone by September.
  13. Maikel Franco will hit 30+ doubles.
  14. Maikel Franco will hit 25+ HR.
  15. Maikel Franco will finish top 5 in Gold Glove voting.
  16. Aaron Nola will pitch 180+ innings.
  17. Aaron Nola will win 10 games.
  18. Aaron Nola will strike out 165 batters.
  19. Vinny Velasquez will only walk 50 batters.
  20. Vinny Velasquez will emerge as a future star.
  21. Charlie Morton will pitch decent enough to get some value at the dead line.
  22. If Brett Oberholtzer stays in the bullpen all season he could possibly emerge as the Phillies go-to guy out of the pen.
  23. David Hernandez will bounce back from his rough outing on Opening Day and go on to save about 30 games for the club.
  24. Jerad Eickhoff will lead the team in wins.
  25. J.P. Crawford will be called up before September.
  26. Nick Williams will be called up by July.
  27. Cody Asche will be traded at the deadline.
  28. If Darin Ruf overachieves he too will be traded at the deadline. The value will be too good to pass up.
  29. James Russell will provide quality relief innings when called upon.
  30. Jeremy Hellickson will provide the team with 15 quality starts this year.
  31. The Phillies will not finish with the worst record.
  32. The Phillies will have the 3rd worst record in baseball. Only the Braves and Reds will be worse.
  33. The Phillies will win 68 games.
  34. The Phillies will finish dead last in total HR
  35. Carlos Ruiz will be designated for assignment before the season is over.
  36. Darnell Sweeney will replace either Emmanuel Burris or Andrés Blanco on the roster before the season is over.
  37. The pitching staff will allow the most home runs in all of baseball.
  38. The pitching staff will have the least amount of saves in baseball.
  39. The Phillies will have the worst fielding percentage in all of baseball.
  40. The stats won’t show it, but this team will be a lot more fun to watch than people think.

Check back at the end of the season to see how these predictions played out!




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