Jared Healey: Neumann-Goretti HS Baseball Prospect

Jared Healey is a junior at Neumann-Goretti High School and is set to graduate in June of 2017. As a junior, Healey is the starting shortstop for the Saints baseball team and is usually penciled in as the two-hole hitter. Though shortstop is his main position Jared also pitches. In the summer Jared plays travel ball for the Sluggersville Bluesox.

As a kid, baseball was Jared’s first love. He found that out as he hit wiffle ball after wiffle ball on his “poppop’s” roof from the backyard. As he got older he’d hit off his Hit-A-Way every day after school, after he finished his homework of course. Baseball is the one truelove for many kids, yet for this kid, baseball is life.

I caught up with Jared to ask him a few questions about his life and his future. Here’s what he had to say.



1.) Tell us a bit about yourself…

I’m Jared Healey, 2017 graduate of Neumann-Goretti High School. I live in the Bridesburg section of Philadelphia, Pa. I am the starting shortstop and 2-hole hitter for Neumann-Goretti baseball. I also played for the 2015 state champion basketball team.

2.) Going into your junior season you have been nominated as an Under Armour Pre-Season All American for 2016, how does it feel to be honored for all of your hard work?

I feel that this is a true honor to have all of my hard work have a result, and a good result at that. I’ve been working hard and the right time came. I just had to do my thing and play baseball. I had to continue to work hard. Nothing was given to me so I had to work hard for everything I have. I’m still not where I want to be. I need to continue to get better, get stronger, get faster, work harder and become the best that I can.

3.) Your 60 time from the UA All America contest was a 6.85, that’s not bad for a white boy from Bridesburg. Do you feel you could post a faster 60 time given another opportunity?

Yeah, my 60 time was a 6.85. I am also a white boy from Bridesburg (chuckles) but, I feel as though I ran that 60 time as my best, yet I’m never satisfied with my results. If I could have another chance at that I feel like I could run faster, even if that opportunity was right now. Every day I’m working on getting faster and getting stronger, and I’ll continue to work till I do so.

4.) What expectations do you have for not only yourself, but for your team this season?

Well, for myself the expectations are to get better as a person, get better as a baseball player, and to get my team to do everything we possibly could to come out with three championships: Catholic League, City, and State championship. It’s the one common goal that we fight for every year. Nothing less than that.

I’m also shooting for that All-Catholic list. You know, you want to be an All-Catholic. You want to be the best out there. You want to be the best around. When you play another shortstop you want to be better than him. You want to be better than the next guy and the next after. Its a competitive edge that athletes have. We have to set goals as individuals, but I’ll take a championship over any individual accolade. 

5.) As the starting shortstop and 2-hole hitter for your team, do you feel there’s a lot of weight on your shoulders for the team to succeed?

I don’t really feel that there’s a lot of weight on my shoulders. If one day I play good, that’s great, but if I was to play bad one day I know my team around me would pick up for me. There’s really not weight thrown on anyones shoulders on this team. Everyone plays for each other. We pick each other up. We are a family. There is guys who are counted on in certain situations, but if times don’t go our way we stick together and make sure whatever needs to get done gets done. 

Also, as the 2-hole hitter it’s my obligation to get on base, move guys over, do what I have to do to score runs, and I’m just trying to do what I can to make this team better. I’ll do my part to make us closer to the three achievable championships and I know my teammates will do the same. 

6.) There are many colleges rumored to be interested in your services, those colleges include: Florida Atlantic, James Madison, Radford, Cincinnati, West Virginia, and the ACC and Big 10 conferences. Have you made up your mind on which school you’d like to attend? or are you gonna wait to choose after your junior season?

I have not made up my mind on the schools that I would like to attend. I feel that I’m still young and I have a chance to show my talents off to the schools that would like to have me. 

Am I going to wait to choose after my junior season? That’s tough. It depends if a school really likes me and they really want me to come and I really like the school during the school season, I could make a verbal commitment, which would be nice to do during my junior season. But if that does not happen, then I will be making my commitment before the end of the 2016 summer which will be my last summer of travel baseball. After your junior year, senior year you move off to college so you obviously don’t play travel baseball much. 

I would like to have my commitment happen before October of 2016. National Signing Day is in October so I would like for my announcement to come out before that. 

7.) Does the location of the school depend on which college you choose? Do you want to stay close to home?

Well, the location of the school is a big factor because I would like to have my family at games, or see friends at games, or come home if need be. But I’ve always had this dream of going down south, or heading out west to do what I have to do to further my future and further my education. I feel as if I can make friends anywhere, so I can go to a Philadelphia university, or UCLA, it doesn’t matter where I go. As long as I’m comfortable and I can play baseball along with advancing my education I will go wherever I can go.

8.) What are your future plans? Are you willing to take baseball as far as it will take you?

My future plans.. baseball is definitely in there. I would like to further my education at a good university. Possibly, take baseball as far as I can go, maybe professional baseball. But if not, I would love to have a true education behind me in my field of study or whatever I decide to do with my life.

Watch some of Jared’s skills here!


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