DP4 Podcast – Episode 8: Brett Myers

This is a special episode. Brett Myers joins us for a fun 30 minutes to talk about many things with the DP4 crew. We start with Brett discussing life after baseball and the joy he has in coaching his son’s little league team. From there we transition into Brett’s thoughts on the World Baseball Classic as he gives his thoughts on the lost respect some of the players have on the game. Thereafter we talk about Brett’s career with the Phillies and the thrills he felt in 2007 once the team finally got over the hump and clinched the division. Next comes 2008 and all the feels after the team won it all that year. Myers talks about how happy he was for the Philadelphia fans while expressing his love for them. The C.C. Sabathia at bat in the 2008 NLDS is talked about along with Brett’s impressive postseason batting stats. Joey asked Brett about the transition from starter to closer and which role he prefers more looking back on his career. Joey wants to know if Kyle Kendrick is butthurt nearly a decade later after the prank that Brett Myers pulled on him that had Kendrick think he was traded to Japan. Myers discusses the prank and gives us details about how it went down. At the end of the show Joey tells Brett a story about how he snuck into McFadden’s to see Brett on stage singing “Asshole” by Dennis Leary with Ryan Madsen. You don’t want to miss this episode. Clear the rest of your schedule!


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