To the Schedule Makers & NFC East, Thank You!

Photo: (Jeff Fusco)

The Philadelphia Eagles are coming off two horrendous losses to two of the best teams in football, New England and Seattle. With those losses, we’ve seen a healthy defense start to shine, while the frail offense has been nonexistent.

Going into the season, the Eagles, according to strength of schedule (SOS) had the 7th easiest schedule in the league. Many know majority of that ranking was based off the backend of the schedule, and surviving the first half of the schedule was the key to the season. Through 11 games, the Eagles stand at 5-6. Falcons, Packers, Vikings, Cowboys, Bills, Bears, Patriots, and Seahawks, those were the key games we knew could result in a loss. Unfortunately, 5 of those 8 games have resulted in a loss. The other loss, came in late september to Detroit at home. That’s one nobody expected.

With all that said, the Eagles have 5 games remaining on their schedule: Dolphins, Giants, Redskins, Cowboys, and Giants. The combined record of that slop is 14-41-0,        by far the easiest remaining schedule in football!

Miami, NYG, and Washington have been three of the worst teams in football all season long. The Birds should be able to get some things fixed and get the ball rolling against these teams, especially if they can get guys like Alshon, Jordan Howard, and even Agholor back healthy. Three straight wins would put this team at 8-6 with a December 22nd matchup looming against Dallas that will more than likely crown the NFC East champion. Not only would the Birds be riding a three game win streak to play for the division at HOME, they also owe Dallas big time from the ass-whooping they received in their first meeting earlier this season. Oh, and if the iggles are able to get the job done 3 days before Christmas, they’d have the Giants once again to end the season.

Five straight wins. Five straight wins vs the sloppiest of slop the league has to offer. That’s all it takes to run the table here at the tail end of the season. I know, the way the offense has looked this year, and more importantly of late makes this seem like an impossible task, yet the Eagles have been blessed with this schedule. They’ve also been blessed to play in the NFC East this season. It’s up to them to get things fixed and get the job done. As crazy as it sounds, the task at hand is very obtainable. At this point the coach needs to sack up and rally his troops, along with the quarterback.

As a life long fan I’m asking for FIVE straight wins, four of five vs shit stain teams, get the job done so your team isn’t discussed in the shit stain conversation, because that’s what you’ve been majority of the year. But run the table and give us FIVE straight, and maybe, just maybe, you’re one of the hottest teams in football heading into the playoffs.

Rally off FIVE straight, run the table, and I’ll guarantee you that no team in football wants to come to Philadelphia in January to face one of the hottest teams in football for Wild Card Weekend.



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