“Secura With Segura” Why The Phillies Should Pass on Gregorius

(photo cred: Associated Press)

As the MLB Winter Meetings loom and owners and management head to San Diego, we are stuck here in Philly–cold and wanting to know what the Phillies will end up doing in this offseason. They started off with a bang before they even went to the meetings by signing SP Zach Wheeler to a 5/$118M deal. That’s exactly where their mind should have been and I believe first and foremost was the most important spot to address.

As I listened to sports talk radio and other social media sites alike I’ve noticed one name that has continuously come up, Didi Gregorius. While I understand the link between Joe Girardi and Didi from their days with the Yankees, I don’t see a need for that to be carried over to the Phillies. 

Didi is a good player do not get me wrong on that, but I do believe moving Jean Segura in any facet for a player that isn’t an upgrade at the position is foolish and a total waste of money and time. I’d assume signing him would buy time for them to figure out when the right time to call top prospect 3rd Baseman Alec Bohm up, but if that’s the case and they believe he will be up sometime this upcoming season, why not pivot to a free agent like utility man Eric Sogard who can play a plethora of positions and can help out the team as a whole, while also filling the need of that extra left handed bat. 

I’ll give you stats of two players and their age and you tell me who you would prefer

Player 1:

Age 29 Hits:1181 HR:76 BA:.286 2B:191 Games Played:1045 WAR(if you like this type of stat): 19.6

Player 2:

Age:29 Hits:816 HR:110 BA:.264 Games Played:851 WAR:16.6

After looking through this I’d hope Player 1 is the obvious choice to who you would prefer, does anyone want to guess who player 1 is? DING DING DING its JEAN SEGURA! Segura is the clear better player here. Player 2 obviously is the main focus of this article Didi Gregorius. 

I hope everyone who read this will agree with me when I say we should be “Secura with Segura”

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