Carter Hart out 2-3 weeks, Flyers vs Blues Preview

Yesterday, there were a lot of things that went on with the Flyers organization. If you saw my recent video, Carter Hart left practice because of an injury, and we Were told more updates on his condition would be made today. They were, and the Flyers announced that Hart will be out 2-3 weeks with a right lower abdominal strain. This isn’t that big of a blow for the Flyers, since Hart will only be missing about 7 games due to the All Star break, but he was starting to play like himself, and the Flyers are neck and neck for a playoff spot.

As if losing Hart wasn’t bad enough, the Flyers also didn’t have enough Cap space to call up either Alex Lyon or JF Berube, the goalies for Lehigh Valley. They would have had to send down one of these 4 players, Farabee, Bunnaman, Myers, or Friedman to get a goalie under emergency circumstances. Today, the team announced that Joel Farabee has been sent down to Lehigh Valley, giving the Flyers the money to call up Alex Lyon, who will back up Brian Elliot against St. Louis.

Chris Stewart was placed on waivers as well, and he’ll most likely clear, and will probably be a healthy scratch in the next few games. As for Farabee, he will most likely be called back up in the next few days, probably against Los Angeles on Saturday in Philadelphia.

Tonight is a tough test against the defending Stanley Cup champs, who are 30-10-7, 1st place in the Central, and have out scored opponents 35-16. Oh, and did I forget to mention they have won their last 9 home games? The Flyers need a strong start to this one. In the last week, they have played the 3 out of the 4 top teams in the league, Washington, Tampa, Boston. Tonight they play that 4th top team, St. Louis. They have played well against 3 of the top 4. I’m hoping for that streak to continue that streak tonight in Missouri.

One thought on “Carter Hart out 2-3 weeks, Flyers vs Blues Preview

  1. The good thing is, like you said, a good portion of the time Hart misses will be during the All Star Break. Maybe he’ll be ready for 2/3 game against Detroit or 2/6 against NJ. Be nice for him to get back into it against a team that ISN’T doing well in the standings.


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