UFC 246 Presser Fallout

Photo via John Locher- Associated Press


They’re both entertainers and they’re here to entertain the fuck out of us. 


It was kind of refreshing to get, even though he denied it, a new Conor McGregor this week. He started off doing ESPN Interviews earlier in the week and he seemed humble and gathered. Not saying he was never either of those, but us fight fans are so used to the king of trash talk when it comes to Conor. No hard hitting one liners, but he still hit us with the good ole Mystic Mac prediction when he gave us a prediction of a KO. Cowboy…I can’t say enough about that dude. He’s been the same awesome bad motherfucker since he’s started fighting in the WEC. Mad respect for his opponent and mad respect for himself. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone LOVE fighting more than Cowboy. 


These two go back to the “Go Big” UFC presser back in 2015. The greatest press conference of Conor’s career. Conor was killing everyone with his words, and Cowboy had to join in and give Conor some of his own. While Conor was absolutely mauling Rafael dos Anjos, talking about how the 155 division fighters were too big and too slow for him, Cowboy had to intervene. “Conor has no right to come up to 155, there’s no way. He’s not going to stand a chance. We’re too big for him, we’re too strong, so you can take your little English ass and get on,” Cowboy said. One, he’s Irish. Two, the fight that takes place on Saturday is at 170. 170!!!! They both look great at 170 to say the least. 


Now to the presser. Before the questions started coming, Conor and Cowboy exchanged a handshake. Conor was asked a few times about his outside the ring issues. In fact, one reporter was so keen on asking Conor about them that Cowboy AND bossman Dana White stepped in and said something about it. Of course, that reporter was boo’ed the whole time he tried to ask the question. Dana referred to the ESPN interviews Conor did in the past weeks. Conor did not answer the questions. Now on questions about the fight. Both were killing each other with…kindness? They both complemented each other multiple times. Conor showed so much respect to Cowboy, but still took subtle shots at him. How can you not respect Cowboy? Conor had to credit Donald’s suit, which was indeed Python. Fuckin Python. On his jacket. 


The one question that stood out to me was if Cowboy was feeling the pressure of this fight. One reporter asked how he was feeling going into it and if this is the biggest challenge/fight of his career. He also iterated when he was involved in the big fights, he has failed. Cowboy labeled this as “The biggest motherfucker of them all, so let’s see.” 


Man I can’t wait for Saturday. 

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