Misery Loves Company

Photo credit: Keith Allison

All the time people are criticized for their mistakes on what they do wrong versus what they do right. You can say the Philadelphia Eagles have had a lot of bad luck and have done a lot of things wrong this year. To simply say it was a rough year is truly an understatement and discredits the trials and tribulations that were associated with this organization this year. As the weeks and months for each season go by, of course it must all come to an end at some point. Unfortunately, the season came to an end being that we lost to the Seattle Seahawks 17 to 9 on Sunday, January 5th.


 It was tough losing Carson Wentz with pretty much 3 and a half quarters left in the game. Oh! And of course I have to bring up the big story of the night in which Jadeveon Clowney essentially speared Wentz in the back of the head. In a word, dirty, and the fact that the refs didn’t call it is straight up disrespectful. That in itself was beyond frustrating but when your starting franchise quarterback goes down, there’s only so much you can do to compensate. I can’t help as a fan to not talk about Wentz here. The guy scratched and clawed his way within the last 4 regular season games to get us a Division title and a playoff berth. Wentz’ stats this season are as follows: 4,039 yards, 27 touchdowns, 7 picks, and a little bit above league average passer rating. Something else about Wentz you may not know. According to Glenn Erby, of the “ Eagles Wire”, he’s one of four players in league history to attempt over 600 passes and throw 7 interceptions or less in a season with those amount of passes attempted. The other guys you might ask? Tom Brady, Matt Ryan, and Aaron Rodgers. After all that, here is where it gets hilarious from some so called “fans”.  What shocked me the most was what I heard driving back from Philly after dropping my little brother off the night of the game. I figured I’d catch the post game interview and to my surprise on 97.5 FM “The Fanatic” radio station, callers of course put the blame on Wentz. Look, I get it if people are frustrated. I’m one of them. The frustration and disappointment is misdirected, and yes as a fellow Eagles fan of course my opinion will be a bit biased but Wentz cannot shoulder the blame alone!


 My personal opinion is that they need to go back to the basics. Start all the way up at the top with Howie Roseman, then to coaching staff, trainers, strength and conditioning coaches, everyone! The Irony about the weapons Howie has put around Wentz is that they were the furthest thing from being a weapon for him. It all goes back to draft day. Howie could have drafted D.K Metcalf (WR), rookie receiver from Seattle, but instead put all draft stock in J.J. Arcega-whiteside( WR) who looked like a deer in  headlights. Even more comical and ironic is that in the wildcard game, Metcalf burned us all night and there was nothing we could do about it. Now yes, okay, he drafts Andre Dillard (LT) and Miles Sanders (RB) who has led all rookies this year in scrimmage yards. Props for that, but these little miscues start in the offseason. Now as for coaching, I love Doug Pederson and Jim Schwartz. Doug’s play calling can be highly questionable at times and Schwartz is good. Considering all the injuries in the secondary that Schwartz had to deal with, for us to still make a playoff appearance is pretty remarkable. I just feel like he has had nothing to work with due to injuries in the secondary mainly. My biggest beef on this squad is the strength and conditioning unit who’s led by Josh Hingst. This man has almost a decade of experience, a Masters Degree in clinical nutrition with importance on sports nutrition, along with being a certified strength and conditioning specialist. Sounds good right? Only problem is, I’ve watched football my entire life and have never witnessed a team become more devastated by injuries in the last 3 years the way the Eagles have been! You can call it unlucky, you can call it lack of preparation before games and practice, whatever! In 2018, we were the 2nd most injured team out of all 32 NFL teams. This year, I wouldn’t be surprised if we were number 1 in injuries.


All I know is that we need to take a deep breath and seriously reevaluate where we are trying to be and what kind of team we want to be moving forward. I’m a glass half full kind of guy but no matter what, there’s always going to be haters. These were just some thoughts to get a discussion going and to really hear from all the DIE HARD FANS out there. Let’s stay positive, because no matter what people say and criticize us on, misery loves company.


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