Andy Reid is heading back to the Super Bowl

The Kansas City Chiefs have defeated the Tennessee Titans today in Kansas City 35-24 to become AFC Champs.


Former Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid is heading back to the super bowl, this time, with his second team.  The Chiefs will head to Miami February 2nd to play in Super Bowl LIV vs the winner of Packers/49ers.

It’s been 15 years since Andy Reid last coached in a super bowl with the Philadelphia Eagles (2004). It has been 50 years, FIFTY! since the Chiefs have been there.

Andy Reid is one of the greatest coaches of all time. He ranks 7th on the all-time win list with 207. Does coach Reid possess some flaws as a coach? Of course, every coach does. He’s been coaching for 21 years and deserves to raise that trophy. Kansas City as a city and a franchise also deserve to raise that trophy. Philadelphia was a perfect match for Andy Reid, this city was truly starving for a Lombardi Trophy and Andy couldn’t deliver that to us, with that said, Kansas City was the perfect rebound for “Big Red.” Both the Kansas City Chiefs and Andy Reid needed each other to try to achieve what every NFL franchise sets out to achieve at the beginning of the season, hopefully for both of them he delivers, just like the KC BBQ spot does to Andy’s house four nights a week.

No seriously, whether you like Andy or not, he deserves this, hopefully he can get it done. With the best QB in football, it would be hard not to hoist the Lombardi.

I’ll be rooting for him. Go get em Big Red!

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