DP4 Super Bowl LIV Prop Bets

Big Dunph and myself figured we’d throw our top ten best prop bets for today out there for the DP4 fam, whatever you guys decide to do with it is up to you.



  • 49ers to score first
  • Mahomes over 299.5 yards: I think they’re going to be playing from behind and they barely run.
  • Mahomes over 24.5 completions: Again, passing team who I believe will be behind.
  • Armstead over 0.5 sacks (+125): Bosa and Armstead are just two freaks, they should cover these props in the first half.
  • Bosa over 0.5 sacks (+113): Read above, bro.
  • Sanders over 40.5 yards receiving: Sanders knows this team and I think he has a big game. When called upon he shows up and he’s been here before.
  • Hardman most Rec yards (+1000): Very good odds for a player I believe to be the most underrated in this game.
  • Tart first INT (+1200): Odds are decent
  • 49ers most sacks: As I said about Bosa and Armstead earlier, they’re main reason this prop will hit.
  • OL to score from either team (+2300): Great odds, fuck it why not?!?




  • Result of the coin toss (Heads/Tails): Heads: It’s been tails past few years, but I bet Heads every year. It’s heads this year, at least I hope. Best part is, it’s a 50/50 shot!
  • 49ers to score first: I think Niners get the ball first and go right down to set the tone.
  • George Kittle first TD (+900): I think Niners score first, and I love great odds on great players, especially for a TE to score first. Gimme that!
  • Total players with a pass attempt in game: Over 2.5 +115: I’ll take a shot on this. We’ve seen a lot more of this of late and both coaches are creative enough to dial something up.
  • Over/Under 4.5 total sacks by both teams: Over: I agree with Dunph, I like the Niners to get after the QB alone, and can see Bosa, Armstead, or Buckner picking up 2 sacks themselves, yet I also see Frank Clark and TK adding to that total. Take the over.

  • Bosa over 0.5 sacks (+113): Again, I think both teams will get after the QB, and if that’s true you have to believe Bosa gets at least one.
  • Deforest Buckner Over 0.5 sacks: Chiefs center Austin Reiter was getting thrown around like a rag doll early on in that Titans game last week, I think Buckner could have a field day with Reiter, and could even finish with the most sacks in this game.
  • Player to record longest reception – including Overtime: Sanders (+900), Hardman/Robinson (+1100). I love all three of those guys here. Cheetah (Hill) has the best odds at (+350), which I agree with, with that said, Hill doesn’t even crack the top 50 when it comes to the longest receptions this season. Hardman and Sanders on the other hand both come in at 7 and 11 respectively. I threw Robinson in there as well because he’s another burner with odds that are sexy AF.

  • Will a Chiefs player or a 49ers player be shown first during the singing of the national anthem? Chiefs -120 / 49ers -120: Chiefs all fucking day here. Patrick Mahomes is the best player in this game and I’d be shocked if they showed anybody else first. Bet Chiefs here please!!
  • Mecole Hardman Over/Under 22.5 receiving yards: OVER 22.5: I think Hardman could catch a long pass well over 22.5, but i think he may wind up with 4+ catches which should go over 22.5.

Good Luck to everybody!

This post is brought to you by the FLY High Pod, the best Philadelphia Eagles podcast you’ll ever hear!


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