Sixers Fall to Bucks 112-101, Greek Freak drops 36


The Sixers dropped yet another game on the road Thursday night as they fell to the Milwaukee Bucks 112-101 to finish up the finale of their brutal road trip.

The Sixers on the road are practically the Cavaliers, as they now head home 0-4 after the road trip. A team who we all expected to be better than a 6 seed at this point in the season is just that, and thankfully the Nets and Magic are below .500, so it’ll be tough for Philly to drop past 6 unless shit really hits the fan!

This team has been slapped in the face with team chemistry problems, and has been called soft by not only Ben Simmons, but the national media as well:


The Cleveland Browns? God damn..

Giannis Antetokounmpo showed why he won MVP last season and why he’s only growing stronger as a player. He scored 36 points with 20 rebounds and 6 assists. He had just 18pts and 14 boards back in the Christmas day game. The Sixers just could not contain him tonight.

On the other hand, Joel Embiid struggled tonight, especially in the first half. It seemed like he was playing with no energy and no interest, honestly. In the second half we could see some of that intensity ramp up a bit, but it wasn’t nearly enough. Overall, Joel shot 6 of 26 for 19 points and 11 rebounds.

Tobias Harris was the leading scorer for Philadelphia with 25 points. Ben Simmons only had 11 points and wasn’t very active trying to score the basketball. He finished his stat line with 14 boards and eight assist as well. Al Horford also added 15 points, along with 12 points from Furkan Korkmaz.

The Sixers need to get back home and get shit figured out.

They play host to the Memphis Grizzlies on Friday which should help their chances of getting back on track.

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