Furkan Korkmaz Has A Night As Sixers Snap 4-Game Skid


Furkan Korkmaz absolutely snapped tonight scoring a career high 34 points in 29 minutes. Korkmaz was 13 of 17 from the floor, with an impressive 7 of 9 from three.

The Philadelphia 76ers snapped a four-game losing streak with a 119-107 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies on Friday night. The Sixers are now 23-2 at home this season which is the top home record in the NBA.

On the contrary, the Sixers road record is laughable at 9-19. It’s like they turn into a completely different team on the road, as if the team consists of two different rosters, a home and away.

Joel Embiid finished the game with 10 points and 10 rebounds in just 16 minutes of play as he left the game at halftime due to a stiff neck. Overall, before his exit, Jo was playing aggressive, and had a will to win tonight. I’m cool with him coming out of the game because the Sixers were up 14 at the half and the game felt in hand already. I rather sit the big man out on the second half of a back to back. No biggie for me, overall he looked very good and completely different than the night prior.


Sixers point guard Ben Simmons was all over the court tonight. He scored 22 points, had 10 assists, 3 steals, one block, and finished with a +23 on the +/-.

Ben was also aggressive all night. He played great defense and offensively he drove to the basket early and often. Early on Ben couldn’t finish a couple of his drives, but he kept fighting and getting to the hoop and eventually he started to feel it each time back up the floor. This is the game we love to see out of Simmons. If we could get this on a regular basis that would spell trouble for the league.

Simmons also held Ja Morant to just 15 points which lead the way for Memphis.

The Sixers handed Memphis their fourth loss in the past 17 games. Memphis was rolling and playing good basketball as they currently hold a western conference playoff spot. This was a very good win for the Sixers, the Grizzlies are no push-over.

There has been a lot of bullshit to deal with on the past road trip for the Sixers, a lot of chatter both locally and nationally, and reports of internal issues. Tonight’s game was a great way to get things rolling in the right direction before the all-star break approaches.

The 76ers host the Chicago Bulls on Sunday, that’s another team they should be able to roll.

Things need to start trending up from here.