Why the Sixers Could Have Potentially Won the Trade Deadline

Photo via ClutchPoints

With the Sixers set to meet the Chicago Bulls tonight, there’s a possibility that Glenn Robinson lll and Alec Burks could be available tonight to make their debut. If not tonight, Tuesday will be the official date to see both don the Sixers red, white and blue against the L.A Clippers. There has been chatter around the league that the Sixers have possibly won the trade deadline by only having to surrender three 2nd round picks stockpiled from the Sam Hinkie days as G.M.

After diving further into this trade, this trade potentially makes the Sixers the leagues deepest team. Before the trade the Sixers ranked 21st in bench scoring. After the trade, if you take into account GR3 avg of 12.9 ppg, and Alec Burks’ 16.1 ppg, the Sixers bench scoring vaults to the top of the league with an avg of 58 points per game, passing the Wizards who sit at number 1, with an avg of 50.9 ppg.

We don’t expect both players to average those exact numbers coming off the bench since both played starter minutes for the Warriors. One would expect the Sixers bench scoring should be somewhere in the range of top 5 now, especially with the recent play of Furkan Korkmaz.Golden State Warriors v Philadelphia 76ers

Take a deeper look into both players stats, they should still continue to flourish in this system with the play of Ben’s fast pace and vision. Burks shoots 37.5 percent from the 3 point line, but that percentage rises to 38.3 percent off catch and shoot. GR3 shoots 40 percent from 3 point line, 40.5% off catch and shoot, and an insane 43.8 percent from 3 when given six or more feet from the defender. This drastically increases the space and pace Ben and Embiid need to operate down low.

All in all, this should make the Sixers drastically better and should vault the team to finally make a strong push after the all-star break. Once lacking the shooters, now the Sixers find themselves with three capable knock down shooters to evaluate everyone’s play. Which might be perceived as a under the radar trade at the all star break, can now possibly by year-end be the trade the all of the league talks about heading into the playoffs.

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