Eagles Turned Down by College Position Coach

As we know, the Eagles opened up coaching positions once they fired offensive coordinator Mike Groh and wide receiver coach Carson Walch.

We also know that the Eagles finally made new changes to their coaching staff after a lengthy search. If you’ve yet to see the list of new coaches and/or title changes here’s the list below, and if you’re searching for the offensive coordinator title, you won’t find it:


Press Taylor









According to a new report from Sports Illustrated, the Eagles searched long and hard (PAUSE) to find some competent coaches from the college ranks. One of those coaches happened to be former Miami Dolphin WR and current Ohio State wide receivers coach Brian Hartline, who the Eagles showed tremendous interest in.

Albert Breer discussed this in his MMQ section of the post:

USC OC Graham Harrell was one college coach the Eagles looked at hiring in January. Here’s another: Ohio State receivers coach Brian Hartline. Philly pursued the ex-NFL receiver to help with the team’s passing game and coach its wideouts, which is another sign of how the Eagles looked at trying to add some outside-the-NFL influence to their mix. Hartline wound up deciding to remain in Columbus in 2020, but Philly wasn’t the only team to show interest in this rising coaching star, and this isn’t the first year it’s happened. The Colts, for one, looked hard at Hartline a couple years ago, too.

Hartline is a rising star among the coaching ranks in not only college, but the NFL as well. He is highly regarded as one of the “next” guys we so often hear about. According to Buckeyes Wire, Hartline “has been a crucial part of creating a flawless offensive strategy” on top of being the receivers coach. Apparently, Hartline not only has the knack to coach, yet also has some recruiting skills in his repertoire. He was able to help some top recruits choose Ohio State, and for that, 247Sports named Hartline the recruiter of the year.


I’m not really sure about that award, since I’ve never heard of it, but I guess it means something. Either way, Hartline is a guy who the Eagles had a lot of interest in and it’s interesting that he choose to stay at Ohio State as the WR coach. The Eagles are not the only team to engage in Hartline’s NFL interests, the Colts and one or two other NFL teams also dove into the situation.

This would have been an exciting young hire for the Eagles coaching staff. Many fans around the area wanted an NFL coach to come in and bring a fresh perspective on Doug’s system, with that said, I think Hartline would have been a perfect fit for that situation. It’s a shame the birds couldn’t pry him away.

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