2020 Philadelphia Phillies: MLB The Show Season Simulation

Happy Opening Day baseball fans! 

Ahhh fuck, or what should have been…

Life without sports is weird, and we’ll have more on that in the next few days, but today should have been the start of the baseball season. Today SHOULD be Opening Day, a national holiday to most that just isn’t recognized as one for reasons we may never know, yet this year we are supposed to skip over it, like it’s no big deal. What’s next, skipping Easter? (probably)

Anyway, here at DP4 we are itching for some real baseball, as are most of you who clicked this link. Unfortunately, we cannot provide that, nor can anyone in this country, however, we decided to have some fun with something that can provide similar simulation.

I purchased MLB the Show 20 for personal use, especially during this social distancing affair. I came up with the idea to start a franchise mode with the Phillies and follow along with each game each day. Whatever day there would have been a real baseball game to be played, I will go to that game in the franchise mode and watch it as the computers simulate play against each other. Once the game is over, I will use a few highlights from the game, along with the box score, and do a game recap of that game.

In the game recap, we will talk about the simulated game, what we think would REALLY happen in that game in real life, talk about whether or not we think certain situations of the simulated game are realistic or not, and get ready for what we think will happen in the next simulated game on the schedule.

We will continue to do this for as long as the MLB season is suspended.


I came up with the idea earlier in the week, and wasn’t sure about it. I started to think about it more and more then seen later in the week NBC Sports Philly simulating NBA 2K games and streaming it live on fucking cable television, then I wake up today and see the Phillies are going to have Rhys Hoskins play Marlins’ Miguel Rojas in a game of MLB the Show since they can’t play their scheduled game.


Now, I realized fuck it, these huge companies and sports teams are doing the same thing I thought of, so I’m gonna do what I originally thought of to help pass some time.

The real question is whether or not you guys and gals are gonna follow along?

And to be honest, I don’t really care…

I have nothing better to do anyway LMAO, so lets get this simulation of a season on a roll!

Today at 5pm I will simulate the first game of the season and bring you the Opening Day recap later that night. In that recap, you will also find out who made the final roster of our simulated season. Look out for the post later tonight, and even start your own season and tell us what happens in yours!

As one of my favorite phrases go, “PLAY BALL!”


Screen Shot 2020-03-26 at 11.14.24 AM

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