2020 Phillies Opening Day Roster: DP4 Franchise

Before we get into who won our computer simulated Opening Day game, we need to go over our Opening Day roster for the DP4 2020 Phillies franchise.

Remember, this year teams have an added player, so 26 players on each MLB team is now the number we had to get to. Here’s who I decided to go with:

Pitching rotation:

  1. Aaron Nola- R
  2. Zack Wheeler-R
  3. Jake Arrieta-R
  4. Zach Eflin-R
  5. Vince Velasquez -R

** I originally went with Pivetta in the 5th starter spot because that’s what I feel the rotation is going to be like in real life, but once I got to the regular season the game switched Pivetta and Velasquez because Velasquez has a better overall rating in the game. Velasquez-75OVR|Pivetta-68-OVR.

Bullpen: (name-role-throws)

  • Nick Pivetta – LRP-R
  • Robert Stock-MRP-R
  • Adam Morgan-MRP-L
  • Ranger Suarez-MRP-L
  • Blake Parker-MRP-R
  • Victor Arano-SU-R
  • Jose Alvarez-SU-L
  • Hector Neris-CP-R

**Robert Stock has a 76OVR in the game? I had to keep him on roster lol. Suarez is only a 66OVR but I like him a lot out of the pen, and feel like he was huge down the stretch of the season last year along with Alvarez. I have Robertson and Dominguez in AAA right now, they’re not hurt in the game but figured I’d keep them in the minors for now to try to keep the roster a bit more realistic for this season.

LINE UP: (name-position-bats)

  1. J.T. Realmuto -C          R
  2.  Jean Segura -3B         R
  3.  Bryce Harper -RF      L
  4. Rhys Hoskins -1B       R
  5. Didi Gregorious – SS  R
  6. Jay Bruce – LF             L
  7. Scott Kingery -2B       R
  8. Adam Haseley -CF     L

BENCH: (name-position-bats)

  • Andrew McCutchen – LF/OF – R
  • Neil Walker – 1B/2B? – S
  • Josh Harrison – 2B/IF/OF? – R
  • Roman Quinn – CF/OF/SS – S
  • Andrew Knapp – C – S

**Okay, starting with the lineup, I decided to do what Girardi has been doing a lot in spring training. He’s used this lineup a lot, and it starts at the top with J.T. Realmuto. I like J.T. leading off in the absence of Cutch and like the rest of the lineup as well. Cutch wasn’t supposed to be ready for real life Opening Day, so I decided to start the season with him on the bench even though he is already healthy in the game.

Now for the bench, Jay Bruce will be the big lefty bat off the bench and will play here and there as well, but like I said, I decided to start him to start the year with the real life Cutch injury.

-Walker’s bat should help off the bench as a switch hitter. He plays 1B now and can help Rhys with a day off or two here and there, but Walker used to play 2B back when he was an all star, not sure how comfortable he’d be there now, but could still be an option, especially in a video game.

-Josh Harrison is another former all star who can help the team. He plays all over the diamond and can provide a spark off the bench with a righty option. He plays some outfield as well, again, like Walker, not sure how comfortable he is out there at his age, but playing both IF and OF definitely helps his role.

-Andrew Knapp fucking stinks. He was a good minor league hitter and nothing more. I kept him on the roster here because I feel like he will be the Phillies back up in real life. In the game they have Deivy Grullon with a 76OVR, Knapp is just a 69OVR. The no brainer tells me Grullon is my back up catcher, but again, I’m trying to make it as realistic as possible, even though it’s not.

Let me know what you think about the roster, and if there’s any changes you think I should make.

Thanks for sticking around in these tough times.

Check back tomorrow morning for the Phillies/Marlins Opening Day game recap.


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