Interview with Flyers Prospect Noah Cates!

How are you doing? How are you getting though the tough time?

“Kinda tough, went back home and have been school work from there. Hanging at home, Doing the whole social distancing thing. For training wise, hung low a little bit. Me and my buddies have ran some hills and played roller hockey just to kinda keep ourself occupied.”

What was transition from Junior to Pro?

“A big jump there, biggest thing is the defensive style in the College game. You gotta be committed to the Defense and then the Offense will come from there. You can’t get frustrated you kind of just have to play through it and keep working towards it.”

Where do you see yourself playing in the NHL?

I see myself as a 3rd line winger, a guy that’s hard to play against but a good teammate. Kind of do whatever it takes and do the little things to help the team win, block shots, kill penalties. It’s the most important thing especially at that level.

What was it like playing in 2019 World Juniors? Did anything stand out from your game personally?

“I thought yea it was a critical tournament for myself and my confidence. I was like oh my god, I’m playing with like 1st rounders like Joel Farabee, Oliver Whalstrom, and at first you think I can’t compete with these guys but then gained the confidence that I can play with them and I thought I did some good things to help the team win.”

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