The Pros & Cons of Shayne Gostisbehere and Why I think the Flyers should NOT trade him

Well, well, well. Shayne Gostisbehere. All right, let’s get into it. Shayne Gostisbehere is a very interesting topic throughout the Flyers world. Some think he should be out, way out. Others think he should stay put. I’m one for him staying put. Ghost is a very important piece to this defensive core, and I say that with no regret. He’s been an off player from time to time from his rookie year in 2015-16, as he had 46 points in 64 games played, scoring 17 goals and breaking many records as a D-man. The next season in 2016-17, he had 39 points, 7 goals and 32 assists, being a -21. That being said, the team was just atrocious. In 2017-18, he had his best season in the NHL and a Flyers, posting 65 points and having a solid defensive rebound too. Ghost has been up and down just like the team. But remember, one player doesn’t make a team. The Flyers couldn’t rely always on defense, they didn’t have nearly as good of a team on offense as they too today, especially depth wise. In the 2018-19 season, Ghost had an bad season with 32 points and a -20, his second lowest in as many seasons. There were trade rumors as his name started to float around, and I think that was the nail in his coffin. Ever since then, he just has looked off, and I think his confidence is shot. In September, when the “Behind the Glass”, Training Camp series came out, there was an interview with Gostisbehere and he brought up those exact trade rumors, and I said to myself, “This guy is still thinking of that?” It started to make me think, because most athletes don’t listen/care about that stuff, so it was odd to see, but he is human. He bounced all around the lineup this season and played 42 of the 69 games, and has still been the main source of trade rumors. Two games that come to mind for me are the 5-0 loss to New Jersey on Feb 6th, and the 3-0 loss against the Bruins on March 10th, the game of this season. Against New Jersey, he was kind of just thrown to the wolves, and put into the game after coming off and injury with really no time to get into game form from being hurt and not playing in a game for a long time. He had an OK game until a turnover off a bouncing puck at the blue line, and Miles Wood pounced on it and scored on a breakaway. I don’t really think he played bad, but head coach Alain Vigneault said that he shouldn’t have put him in, and he should have been sent down to Lehigh Valley for a conditioning stint FIRST, which he then was on February 20th. He was recalled on February 23rd, and then played with the Flyers in the March 10 game against the Bruins. He had a really good game against Boston, made some good plays that reminded me of his old self, and I think that if he continued to play in those last 13 games of the season (which he could have, because of Phil Myers being injured) then his confidence would have been back up. I’d be a fool if I didn’t think it did after that game. I just love how much the coaching staff knows he’s still a good player and they trust him. What player do you see play 5 games across 3 months of the season, get bounced around, injured, and anything else you can think of, and come back and play on the power play? That’s right, you can’t. I don’t think Ghost should be traded as there is a lot of value still in him. He’s 27, making $4.5 million until 2022-23. A player 27 years old today is important on the business side of things. If they were to trade Ghost, it has to be for something good in return. He won’t get dealt for a bag of pucks, which is what some people think he’s worth. There has been talk of Ghost getting traded only so the Flyers can sign other defenseman Justin Braun. I’m not really sure if I believe that, because that wasn’t talked about before there was RFA/UFA talk of who gets signed and what not. Justin Braun doesn’t really matter to Ghost’s situation and I think that they can get Braun done without moving Ghost. Braun can take a pay cut or get a pay raise, he makes $3.8 right now, and could go to like $2-2.25 or $2.50 or get $4.5, because he’s been that good. I wouldn’t do $4.5 because he’s 33, and he is playing a 3rd line role as well. There’s many things that can happen with this D-core, as Robert Hägg and Phil Myers also need contracts along with Braun. I believe all 3 will get signed to affordable, reasonable, and understandable contracts that make sense. There was also talk about Gostisbehere being placed on the wing. I don’t really see that happening, as Chuck Fletcher tried that with Brent Burns when he was the GM in Minnesota, and it didn’t pan out the way he/they wanted. Fletcher learned his lesson, which is really the story of his tenure with the Flyers so far, as he’s changed from the GM he used to be. He’s the reason why the Wild aren’t that good today, and are in Cap Space Hell. He signed Zach Parise and Ryan Suter both to $98 million dollar contracts in the 2012 summer. When he came here, he put all the pieces of the puzzle together. The veteran D-core additions, 2nd-line center in Kevin Hayes, a whole new coaching staff, and a lot more minor moves. He’s been phenomenal, and is definitely in the run for GM of the year in my book. Again, I don’t want the Flyers to just trade Ghost to trade him. He’s a good depth piece and still has lots of value. He can come in and be an awesome 6th guy and play a great role on the backend, and hopefully move up higher in the lineup. I made a Youtube video of the Pros & Cons of Gostisbehere, if you get a chance, check it out below!

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