Toiling in the High School ranks as a Career Assistant


Assistant Coaches in the NFL are portrayed as nomadic journeymen going from team to team and city to city plying their trade as teachers of the game to young men who are just as eager to make it to the pinnacle of their game as players as they are as coaches.


Assistant coaches at that level go from jobs in the NFL to jobs at major college schools and back.  There really is no difference as far as furthering their careers go.  The major college assistants know as much about their trade as the guys in the pros do.  The stakes may be higher depending on your perception but not mine.  The money being made in the NFL and the money being made at the top levels of college football is just about the same as far as the average fan is concerned.  They’re both making much, much more more than the guy sitting at the corner bar will ever make and he really doesn’t care if one makes more than the other.  He just wants to see good football no matter which stadium it’s played in and they’re playing in the same stadiums more and more these days.


An article in USA Today listed the salaries of Assistant Coaches in college football and the highest paid assistant was that of Will Muschamp, Defensive Coordinator at Auburn University until he was hired as Head Coach at South Carolina in December.  His listed pay was $1,600,000.  A guy by the name of Joe Bob Clements at Oklahoma State was the 200th highest paid Assistant at $347,288.  Not bad for a year’s work.  Muschamp, by the way, doubled his salary when he took the helm of the Gamecocks.


But what about the Assistant Coach who toils at the High School level?  What is his motivation to stay on the job for 20 or 30 years or more.  It certainly isn’t the money.  That much is obvious.  The typical salary for a Head Coach in the Philadelphia Catholic League is around $5,000 and it goes down from there for the Assistants. Continue reading