DP4 Podcast – Episode 7 : March Madness

On the 7th episode of the DP4 Podcast the guys talk March Madness hoops and give away a pair of eligible Virtual Reality Dream Vision goggles. The show starts out with special guest David Malandra Jr. who shares his Villanova insight with the crew. David breaks down the Nova loss to Wisconsin in the round of 32, talks a Villanova bounce back for next season, discusses the NBA future of Josh Hart and Jalen Brunson, and shares his Final Four predictions.
In the second period of the show Joey & E discuss the tourney, along with some of the great story lines left in the March Madness Tournament like Michigan and South Carolina. The guys go through the Sweet Sixteen match-ups and share their picks for the round.
In the third and final tier of the show, JG and E talk about the World Baseball Classic and the potential USA vs Puerto Rico match up that’s brewing if USA can pull past the 3-0 Japan team in tonight’s semi final game.
This was a fun episode as always, be sure to listen for the give away clue to win the virtual reality goggles!

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AGES 4 TO 104

DP4 Podcast – Episode 5 : AGES 4 TO 104

Epsiode 5 : AGES 4 TO 104 starts with “Skip to my Lou” by AZ as the into track. You can find that track here: Hbgaz – Skip-to-my-lou-prod-by-jumbo

The first topic of the show is based off the DP4 question of the day which was:
“Do you want the Eagles to go after a big name running back who is already established in the league, or draft a player in this years draft?
Who would you want via free agency or trade?
Who would you want in the draft?”

The forum filled up with some great opinions and discussions on what the Eagles should do at the RB position. Joey discusses his opinions and shares his views on other’s opinions during the first segment. Joey also gives some RB names who could possibly be late round picks for the Eagles. Somehow during the forum discussion, the RB topic was turned into a position of need topic for the Eagles, and many folks began to give their opinions of what the team needs other than RB. Joey talks about certain WRs who could help the team, along with addressing today’s trade rumor of Bradin Cooks to the Eagles.

In the second segment of the show Joey very quickly addresses the Joel Embiid news of the Sixers big man missing the remainder of the season. JG attacks the Sixers medical staff and calls the Colangelos liars.

The guys want to know why their grandfather can’t play with a Starting Lineup toy if he’s 105 years old. Why is Starting Lineup an ageist company?

Finally, Joey and E both discuss the upcoming boxing match this Saturday, March 4th, between Danny Garcia and Keith Thurman. They talk about the sport of boxing and the love of Danny Garcia in the city of Philadelphia. Ethan placed a friendly wager with his friend for a Harriet Tubman, find out who he has in the fight on Episode 5 of the DP4 Podcast!

DP4 Podcast – Episode 4 : NBA Trade Deadline

In the 4th episode of the DP4 Podcast the guys discuss the Ersan Illy trade, along with the Nerlens Noel trade to the Mavs. JG and E also discuss the trade that never happened involving Jahlil Okafor. Why couldn’t the Sixers find a trade partner? Tune in to find out.
Also, how was a trade that didn’t involve the Sixers the teams biggest deal of the week? This doesn’t happen too often.
Sixers management announced how #1 pick Ben Simmons won’t play for the rest of this season, so his NBA debut won’t happen until the 2017-2018 season. What a total fucking bummer.
Joel Embiid discusses his injury and how he is upset with the false advertisement of the team regarding his setback. Does JoJo have every right to be mad? Find out on episode 4 of the DP4 Podcast!!!

DP4 Podcast Episode 3 : Fuck Chris Christie

In the third episode of the DP4 Podcast the guys discuss Philadelphia’s four major sports. First, Joey starts off with some brief Flyers talk. The team has been struggling and it has been very frustrating on the fans. The Flyers barely deserve any air time the way they are playing right now, so Joey made sure he quickly transitioned into the Sixers. When discussing the Sixers, the guys talked about how well the team has played without Joel Embiid. Along with talks of how Dario Saric is quickly becoming more than just a role player, and how TJ Mcconnell has earned a future spot on this team. The trade rumors of Jahlil Okafor are also discussed while wondering what the future holds for the big man. During the show, a clip of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was released of him bad mouthing the Philadelphia Phillies along with the Philadelphia fans. Joey didn’t take the governor’s words too lightly as he tore that prick a new asshole. Christie is clueless in this situation and JG made sure he let him know about it. After opening a new hole for Christie, Joey talked about his question of the day regarding the Phillies season, gave insight from some friends and fans on the upcoming season, and gave some opinions of his own for the Phillies upcoming season. On the last part of the show, Joey talks about the 2017 NFL Draft. He wants to know if people are excited for their hometown to host the NFL Draft for the first time since 1961. Philadelphia will be on center stage yet again and Joey is excited about it, he just hopes the rest of the city is excited as well! Tune in to episode 3 to get all the excitement through your speakers, and remember, FUCK CHRIS CHRISTIE!