DP4 Podcast Episode 2 : Leave The Game Alone!

Episode 2 starts out with a roaring round of applause for Ethan for predicting the exact score of Super Bowl 51. The guys then discuss the wild game from Sunday while they try to comprehend WTF the Falcons were thinking during the 4th quarter. Julian Edelman’s catch is discussed and measured up with Julio Jones’, and David Tyree’s. JG and E talk whether or not the NFL should enact NCAAF overtime rules to the league. The crew talk about the remainder of the game while laughing about certain things that happened at the Patriots parade. Ethan brings up some trouble at Madison Square Garden that involved former Knick Charles Oakley.
Finally, in the second half of the show Joey talks about the new proposed MLB rule that is directed towards speeding up the game in extra innings. Joey is fed up with the MLB trying to change the game so much. What has him so fired up? Tune in to “Episode 2 : Leave The Game Alone!” to find out!